Why You Would Invest in a HBOT Chamber?

Why You Would Invest in a HBOT Chamber?

Quite simply having a HBOT Chamber has the potential to put you miles ahead of your competition!

Before we go into the reasons why a HBOT Chamber makes a great addition to your spa, clinic and wellness centre, it’s worth noting that this treatment has been around for many decades, yet it’s only the last 5 to 10 years that it has started to take off. Which is exemplified by the fact that when we first started supplying these in 2016, no one else was! One of the things I like best with these amazing cutting edge treatments, is that the more suppliers that enter the market, is a very good indicator of their rising popularity.

Any spa and wellness centre that has treatments that their competitors don’t have, are quite simply going to attract individuals who are looking for that specific treatment. This then provides a great opportunity for you to WOW all those customers and in turn keep them long term and they get to discover your other great treatments and services.

Also by having specialised therapies like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you start to build a great reputation as a spa or wellness clinic in the know, a place where people can go to get the best treatments and not necessarily what’s in the mainstream or the latest new fad.

I cover the return on investment and profitability in another part of this buyers guide to HBOT chambers, which of course is a key component of whether you are to invest in your own HBOT chamber or not. Though it is clear they will add a new and very profitable angle to your clinic or wellbeing centre even if you are just doing a few sessions a day.

By now you will hopefully know what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is, so we will cover the benefits for you and your clients of having a HBOT chamber at your clinic or spa.


Treatment of Chronic Health Conditions

I appreciate we go into business to make a profit, however, isn’t it beautiful to know that what we do has the power to help people significantly and without getting to dramatic, to in fact transform lives!

The range of chronic conditions that hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves or even heals, in some instances, is rather impressive to say the least. However, when you understand the mechanism behind its healing, it is in fact no real surprise and very much what you would expect from this beautiful treatment.


Wellness, Longevity & Energy

Next up is for people like me, and one of the key things about everything we supply, is that it has to help with my longevity. Therefore either something I buy and have at home (am currently saving up for a hard shell sit up HBOT chamber having recently sold my soft shell HBOT chamber) or something I regularly use at a nearby wellness centre.

Out of the five incredible and life changing longevity devices The Longevity Clinic supply,

if I could only pick one to have or use for the rest of my life it would be hands down a HBOT Chamber. Yes, I absolutely love cryotherapy, ozone sauna sessions and use my home red light therapy every day and whenever I can, I will offer my services as the model for an EBOO treatment. However, it always comes down to my love of this treatment and I have had hundreds of HBOT sessions over almost a decade.

The reason for this love and passion is very simple. It’s not just a one trick pony, there is so much depth to HBOT chambers! It will also enhance your overall wellbeing and health by strengthening your immune system. By being exposed to increased levels of oxygen, this will stimulate white blood cells, and we all know how important these are for a great, long and healthy life! Nevermind their amazing ability to ward off infection and disease.

A lot of my favourite treatments such as ozone saunas, hyperbaric oxygen chambers (HBOT) and extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation (EBOO) work by utilising the power of oxygen, quite literally the life blood of you and I! In turn this increased oxygenation will boost production of your ATP increasing your energy levels day to day, improve focus and concentration, helping you to be in the zone and all in all a general sense of vitality and health.


Faster Healing & Recovery

People wounded or injured, reap huge benefits from hyperbaric oxygen therapy as they are now able to heal quicker! Obviously, the exact increase in healing time varies from person to person, however what they will all experience is faster healing, whether this is a large open wound to a broken bone.

So in all a treatment that helps those chronically ill, those who want to live longer and then those who are injured! Sounds like a large chunk of the population and in turn a great way to get lots of new long term and repeat clients!

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