Who Are your Customers?

Who Are your Customers?

Do you just take anyone who wants to pay you money? Do you even know who your ideal customer would be?

These are important, in fact critical questions you need to answer before you can even begin to target the right customers for you!

This relates back again to focus, in fact a lot of these business actions plans are interrelated and feed off one another to create a stronger more profitable business.

The questions you should be asking to describe your perfect customer initially are:

1. Who are they – The Top 3?

2. Their Interests/Aspirations?

3. Who are we competing against for their money?

4. Their Role Models?

To help you here is one I did a few years ago:

Who are they – Top 3?

Female 35 to 45 – Married & Single, Mothers, High Earners Directors/Partners/Business Owners/Consultants/House Wives, Live locally, Competitive among peers.


Female 35 to 45 – Looking ones best, staying young, healthy lifestyles, House prices, interior design, horses, food, dinner parties, children’s junior education, shopping, holidays, babies, dating, exercise/gym, catching up with friends, career, child care, wine

Competition for Our Services

Female 35 to 45 – Saving up for next house move, school fees, holidays, clothes/handbags, improvements/repairs, weekends away, Laser rejuvenation, tummy tucks, boob jobs, detox retreats, gym memberships, school fees

Role Models

Female 35 to 45 – Kate Winslet, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardasian.

Once you can answer these fully and have built up a profile of your perfect customers, it makes life a lot easier to know what treatments they want and need, you can then start looking at training in what your target audience is asking for and demanding. 

You will also find what they want you to offer, are the treatments that also make you the most money such as HIFU, Fat Freezing, Skin Micro Needling and Cryotherapy.

I believe this is called a WIN, WIN…