What is Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy?

What is Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy?

Red light is literally that, a red light. It’s that simple! A beautiful bright red light that you can see. The key aspect of this type of light is the wavelength or nanometres (NM) it is. Red light is from 630 nm to 660 nm.

The other key light that goes hand in hand with red light therapy, is near infrared light, this you can’t see, and this operates at nanometres of 810 to 850 NM. Near infrared light or NIR for short operates on the invisible spectrum of light.

Next, it’s also good to clear up a few interchangeable terms used to describe red light therapy such as the popular photo biomodulation (PBM) or the more historical use that’s less popular now is low-level light therapy (LLLT). However with LLLT it’s actually a laser not red LED lights, so delivered slightly different but the same end product i.e. red light!

One thing that always surprised me about red light therapy was just how much research has been done on the subject! I mean there are thousands and thousands of research papers, this is some serious levels of interest, work and study on one topic. However this levels of interest is hardly talked about in most people’s lives. Which I find quite strange why something so widely studied is so widely unknown!

Could it be that as it’s so effective certain companies with competing products to sell you have done their best to make it not well known and certainly not a mainstream therapy to help heal the body? Who knows however what I do know is that I use red light therapy twice a day and as they say the “proofs in the pudding…”


What’s the Difference Between Red Light & Near Infrared Light?

As mentioned above, one you can see and the other you can’t! No prizes for which one that is! A lot of the health benefits overlap though there are of course differences otherwise we would just use either red light or NIR and not both.

The key difference between red light and NIR is simply the depth that the light can penetrate into your body or put another way which body tissues can absorb the light photons from each type of light therapy. Therefore the higher the wavelength the deeper that type of light can penetrate or be absorbed into your body.

What’s similar with both red light and NIR is that neither cause heating of the body, which explains why you can buy a “far” infrared sauna and not buy a “near” infrared sauna! As it wouldn’t heat you up otherwise.

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