What qualifications You Need and How to Obtain Them?

What qualifications You Need and How to Obtain Them?

Now this receives the most confusion out of any aspect with setting your new beauty business up.

Why, as people deliberately want to confuse you! Yes, you heard that right. But why would someone want to do that? Often, these people are also your friends or someone you know! They have their reasons though! They don’t want you competing with them.

They are afraid you are going to steal their customers, so they try to pretend to be helpful but really they are either confusing you or giving you false information.

The real truth is that in the UK there is no legal requirements to have any qualifications to perform non-surgical treatments.

Now it might not be needed but we always think, getting your NVQ Level 3 in beauty gives you that extra knowledge and helps safe guard against any future changes that may or may not happen. We have two very good NVQ Level 3 and 4 Beauty training providers, with one based in Berkshire and the other just outside of Manchester, so easy for most people in the UK to get to.

Just as important in our minds is to become a competent practitioner and spend lots of time practicing and learning new techniques, regardless of the number of certificates or letters after your name!

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