Video Killed The Radio Star…

Video Killed The Radio Star…

Aside from being the title of a song I really like, it’s true! 

Who advertises on radio these days? I am sure it can still be effective (I haven’t ever tried but have looked into it) but it’s not COST effective! That’s the key difference, radio will bring you customers but there are so many better and more efficient ways of doing so.

The key here is VALUE and return on investment!

When we first introduced videos of both our treatments and our delighted customers both on the clinic and training side of the business we noticed a huge increase in conversion of enquiries!

A lot of the time, these cost us nothing to produce because they were free testimonials we filmed at the end of the day because our clients were so delighted.

They serve a few different purposes, first off, we have them on our website so that you can see for yourself what it is we do, who we are and whether what we offer is for you?

This also happens to save you hours on the phone as people can see for themselves both visually and in audio rather than just the voice on the end of the phone.

The videos however make it more likely people will actually pick up the phone, and phone us they do in greater numbers! 

Then when they do phone it’s a much easier conversion because they know much more and what to expect.

So I am sure you can clearly see what a great form of marketing videos are. 

Alot of clinics and new businesses we’ve trained have already adapted this fantastic principle, whats stopping you from doing the same?