How We, Help You, Sell Treatments…

The Triple P Program

  1. Emotional Triggers – Why Your Clients Buy From You?

Why are your clients really coming to you?

They’re not coming for the fun of having a fat freezing treatment. They have a problem, your service solves this problem.

However often the problem is not they want to freeze fat/be slimmer. The problem is that they want to look good so ultimately “they feel good”, which is the real reason they come to you.

  1. Website – Yes, a Real Website and Not Just Your Facebook Page!

Your website needs to be reviewed monthly for any issues/problems (you would be surprised the number of things that just go wrong for no obvious reason eg updates, bugs, hacking etc) and then quarterly for significant improvements.

  1. Website Checklist – Make sure your website covers all aspects as per The Skin Repair Groups website guide and checklist, to create a fun, friendly, engaging and easy to use website that makes your potential clients WANT to contact you. This is the key, people actually contact you, we are not interested in winning design awards here!
  • Conversation Rate Optimisation – Once you have built your website you need to test and tweak it monthly to increase the conversation rate eg percentage of people who visit your website against number who actually contact you.

The main areas that you will be testing are:

  1. Headings
  2. The Content or Copy
  3. Images
  4. Design
  5. Speed of website
  6. Usability.

Check the CRO of your website against The Skin Repair Groups CRO checklist and guide.

  • Google Analytics – Your looking for patterns in your consumers behavior when they use your website, from this you can get a better idea of what people like and what they don’t. Plus, ways to improve the functionality of the website.
  • Digital Marketing

What’s the point in having an amazing website, if no one every visits it? This is the reason for digital marketing to make sure people visit your website. Below we have put together the best ways to make your website and therefore your business visible to your potential clients.

This to be reviewed monthly.

  1. SEO – Make sure your website covers all aspects on the SEO checklist.
  • Google Places – This is key to be listed on here as is one of the best ways to get found locally by your potential clients. Ensure your listing is filled out comprehensively and optimized as per The Skin Repair Groups Google Place guide and checklist.
  • PPC – The Skin Repair Group have ready made Google adword campaigns that are proven to work (we know we’ve used them), that you can just copy and insert into your Adword campaign.
  • Remarketing – This won’t apply for everyone and you will need to promote “treatment consumer guides” as opposed to the treatment itself.
  • Youtube

Linked to FB (for older clients) and Instagram (for younger clients).

Build a comprehensive channel that local people regularly visit as their main resource on the treatments you offer – both talking about them and seeing them in action, to see the clinic/salon inside and out plus to meet you and your staff.

This allows people to get to know, like and trust you, without ever meeting you! Amazing, yeh…?

The Skin Repair Group have put together a YouTube guide and checklist to maximise what YouTube can do for your business.

  • Facebook Adverts

Did you that it’s been reported that as little as just 2% of your business page followers see your posts. Yes, that’s right just 2%.

This means posting organically is a pointless task to try and get people’s attention (of course you need good content on your page for people who come specifically onto it to find out more about you).

For that reason, if you want to attract new clients and get people to see what your offering, you will need to use Facebook ads.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email & Texting Automation

To manually contact and be in touch with all your new enquires AND existing customer is a logistical nightmare! If it’s just one thing to send out then its manageable, if not very boring! However, what happens when you have lots of different things you went to send out, to different people at different times. Well it gets very chaotic, very quickly.

So, in order to manage that you need a CRM system.

You want to be staying in touch weekly with both potential clients and existing clients, keeping them updated on a range of things from new treatments, new staff, changes in opening times (mainly seasonal related), any offers and most importantly great advice/articles eg “How to maintain great skin this winter”.

A good structure to operate is below:

  1. A 52-week email sequence – Providing value and advice for both new and potential clients. The Skin Repair Groups email templates allow you to literally cut and paste!
  • Sales Campaign – You don’t want to be selling to people ALL the time otherwise they will have enough of you and unsubscribe, however if you send something sales related around 1 in 4 emails and ensure it’s not hard sell this will gently encourage enquiries to buy.
  • Texting Automation – Every new enquiry should get a text asking if they are looking to book soon or at this stage just trying to find information, based on this you can direct them to further information or get in touch quickly to book them in.

Texting is also great for setting up appointment reminders.

  • Case Studies & Reviews

Get your favourite clients to post a google review and film a quick video review to put on your website.

For those that have undergone transformational results look to create a case study to show all your new and existing client.

This can be emailed out, framed on the wall and a book made of customer reviews and case studies for the coffee table.

To help put together great case studies to WOW you clients, look at case studies we have done or use The Skin Repair Groups case study guide and checklist.

  • Sales Calls

This probably is the weakest link for any clinic/salon from what we have seen over the years.

The Skin Repair Groups have put together a comprehensive sales training for both face to face and over the phone, so that your aestheticians and receptionists no longer feel uncomfortable selling and in fact realise it’s part of their job and life.

The training manual consists of:

  1. Guidelines for understanding what your clients want.
  2. Sales tips.
  3. Questions to ask your clients.
  4. Overcoming their objections.
  5. Role plays.
  • Treatment Consumer Guides

For every device and training course we offer, The Skin Repair Group have created comprehensive and detailed Consumer Guides that you can have branded with your logo and contact details.

These can then be emailed or sent in the post to all new enquires, with copies available in your clinic/salon for existing customers to take.

  1. Quarterly Offers

Different seasons lend themselves beautifully for positioning great offers, that’s your clients want, when it comes to business to consumer (B2C) businesses like yours.

Our favourites here at The Skin Repair Group are:

  1. January – New Year, New You!
  2. April – Get Beach Bod Ready!
  3. July – Make The Most Of Summer.
  4. November – Sparkle This Christmas!

We use a 4 stage email and text campaign as we want your clients to know that the offer is:

  1. Coming.
  2. It’s here.
  3. We’re half way through.
  4. It’s almost over!

The Skin Repair Group have put together email templates so that you can cut and paste and simply send out, along with a guide and checklist to help guide you.

  1. Business Ratios

Every month you need to be calculating your key performance indicators to monitor your progress such as:

  1. Number of treatments performed that month.
  2. Operational efficiency.
  3. Total treatment hours.
  4. Average hourly rate generated.
  5. Total sales generated.
  6. Total costs.
  7. Average hourly cost to operate.

The Skin Repair Group have put together a business ratio guide and checklist to help you easily calculate these figures and review them consistently to check on your progress

  1. Local Press & PR

Due to the huge competition for national PR combined with the fact that you are actually local, your first port of call should always be local PR and press.

Have you ever thought about writing a weekly beauty column for your local paper, those A5 local guide type magazines that come through your letter box or the glossy A4 Lifestyle magazines found everywhere these days in up market venues?

There are numerous ways you can get yourself in the local press, so many in fact The Skin Repair Group have put together a PR guide and checklist to help you get noticed locally.

  1. InClinic Promotion of Treatments – Free Branding

The Skin Repair Groups can provide you with both banners and posters that can be framed, that promote treatments to your clients your new treatments.

Whether you place these in treatment rooms, lavatories or the waiting area, it’s giving you great exposure to what else you offer while people are sat there with nothing to do and in fact looking for things to occupy their time!

  1. Five-a-Side

I bet none of your competition do this! In fact, very few people do this! This will set you apart from everyone else in your industry and bring you massive levels of business and you will find loads of people talking about you…

Send a covering letter and gift voucher to five of your customers neighbours either side of where they live. You don’t have to mention names and in fact your clients may get annoyed if you tell their neighbours that they are visiting you (those stretch marks maybe a secret!).

This shows their neighbours using social proof that people close by and that they live amongst are happy to use your services.

  1. Referrals

When was the last time you asked your happy clients who else do they know who would really benefit from the great result they just had?

Word of mouth for a business that is focused on a local area is one of the most powerful marketing pillars available and its easy to implement and can be free!

The Skin Repair Group have created a comprehensive guide and checklist for getting more referrals to help you maximise this easy low hanging fruit.

  1. Your Very Own Published Book (TBC)

We are considering launching an anti-aging and longevity book based on an unreleased book Ralph wrote many years ago however the title was a bit controversial even if the content wasn’t, so Alexandra preferred that is was never released!

We can create new book covers, attribute you as the author in your local area and allow you to have the right to print these books under your name.

This will allow you to be known in your local area as an author and more importantly and expert on anti-aging treatment and looking good.

Rather than give out brochures (like your competition) to potential and existing clients, you can now give them a real high quality book, that now puts you in a completely different light in the eyes of your clients!