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Cellulite Treatments Bristol

Would you like to wear your summer and holiday clothing with confidence again? Then look no further. We can help you feel comfortable wearing less clothes again ready for when the the warmer temperatures hit us or you jet set away on holidays.

Fed up of wearing tights when winter has finally left us? Then you’ll love our treatment for cellulite, which uses radio frequency to give you firmer looking legs in just a few sessions. Learn more about our cellulite treatments below:

1. What makes fractional radio frequency so special?

Radio frequency improves the skin’s appearance using expertly used heat energy.

Radio frequency has been found to be exceptionally effective in the safe delivery of heat energy to the skin, which induces an immediate contraction of collagen. This in turn stimulates the natural wound healing process and the result is production of new skin cells and collagen as if by magic.

This helps to ensure both safe and satisfying results, with no downtime.

2. Do radio frequency treatments hurt?

Patients report some mild discomfort with radio frequency cellulite treatments, however this is just short term. Of course, everyone’s comfort threshold is different, so to make sure you get the most effective pain-free procedure, your practitioner will discuss with you your options for making the experience as pleasant as possible.

Typically, patients will end a treatment happy, in no discomfort, and looking forward to future results and repeat treatments.

3. What can I expect afterwards?

You are not required to take any downtime after a radio frequency cellulite treatment; you can return to your normal activities right away.

Your skin may appear slightly flushed or red right after, however this should go away within a few hours and should be able to obscure from view with your clothing.

Although radio frequency treatments have fewer side effects than other laser treatments, these cannot be ruled out completely, therefore it is important to remain vigilant.

4. Is radio frequency safe?

Radio frequency has been around for decades now and in the last 10 years has become an especially popular treatment for removing the appearance of cellulite using direct heat. Our fractional radio frequency machine is cutting-edge and can provide some wonderful results.

5. What kind of results can I expect?

Radio frequency can lead to improvements in the skins structure and can tighten the appearance of lax and sagging skin. Plus, as our treatment uses not just the standard mono or bi polar radio frequency machines, such as Accent,  we can offer you exceptional results that will also create skin resurfacing benefits.

The regenerative process begins after just one treatment, but the full effect will build gradually over the course of 8 to 12 weeks. Some patients may benefit from more than one treatment.

Past patients have found their skin is firmer and tighter after a cellulite treatment, appearing more youthful.

6. Who is a good candidate for radio frequency cellulite treatments?

The typical person who has fractional radio frequency treatments have relaxes skin that has begin to look lax or sag. This can be anywhere on the body and prevent the individual from looking toned.

Radio frequency therapy cannot duplicate the effects of surgery, however it can vastly improve the skin’s appearance for those who do not want to go under the knife.

Please note to avoid disappointment: Anyone with the following should not have a radio frequency treatment:

  • Pacemakers or any other implants near the treatment area
  • History of skin cancer
  • Pregnant
  • Impaired immune system
  • Epilepsy, Porphyria or any light related conditions
  • Heat related issues, such as Herpes Simplex
  • Any active skin conditions in the treatment areas – like cuts, Psoriasis, Eczema
  • Any medication that can induce photo-sensitivity
  • Recently had a deep chemical peel, laser resurfacing or surgical treatment (in the last 3 months)
Treatment Area Price
Upper Thigh £395
Both Upper Thighs £595
Buttock £395
Buttocks £595
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