The Profitable Clinic by Ralph Montague

Having been in the Aesthetic Industry for over a decade, it became apparent a few years back that there was no Business Bible for other clinic owners to refer to, in order to help you achieve the growth you want from your business.

So Ralph decided with his extensive knowledge built up since 2005 in this sector to do something about it, this became the basis for The Profitable Clinic. The book covers operational efficiencies and tactics to increase your profitability, that you can easily implement into your clinic at any time. No expensive or fancy tactics just simple, proven and quick to action ideas.

The book is broken down into 2 main parts (the third is your action plan checklist and how to implement what you have learnt in parts 2 and 3). The first section, covers topics from pricing, making sure customers turn up, getting repeat business, how to maximise profits from sales calls and just how important your staff are. While the second section, part gives you some ideas for some exceptionally effective and profitable aesthetic treatments.

An outline of the book is below, if you would to buy a copy of the book please visit AMAZON.COM or CLICK HERE.

Part 1 – Your Business

1. Introduction & Why I Wrote This Book.
2. Why Striking While the Irons Hot, Will Make You Rich!
3. Multi Price Point Marketing
4. How to Ensure Your Clients Actually Turn Up!
5. Making Sure Your Clients Return…
6. Cash -Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity & CASH is KING!
7. The Power of Focus!
8. Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared to Put Your Prices Up?
9. How to Close an Enquiry?
10. Are you a headless chicken? Less is More…
11. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again
12. Overheads on Legs
13. Video Killed the Radio Star
14. Website’s the Basic’s
15. Knowing Who your Customers Are?
16. Keeping Track of Your Customers!
17. Those Little Extra’s
18. First Impressions Really DO Count!
19. Attitude & Likeability
20. Selling Up

Part 2 – Your New Offering

1. So What Treatments Will Make My Clinic Profitable?
2. Skin Micro Needling
3. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
4. LED Phototherapy
5. Fat Freezing
6. Fractional Radio Frequency
7. Laser Hair Removal
8. Thread Vein Removal
9. Injectable’s

Part 3 – Making This Book Work For You

1. Action Plan
2. Summary
3. About The Skin Repair Clinic and more information.
4. About the Author.

To Buy your copy of the book please visit AMAZON.COM or CLICK HERE.

If you would like to speak with the author about any aspects on how we can help you make your Clinic More Profitable, selling your business or perhaps your interested in becoming part of a larger group to list your company on the stock market through an Initial Placing Offer or IPO, then please call on 0203 519 2525.

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