The 4 types of acne scarring?

The 4 types of acne scarring?

Did you know there are 4 types of acne scarring:

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Ice-pick – These are narrow scars (less than 2mm) that are noticeable by their character, as they extend deep into the skin (dermis or subcutaneous layer). They are called Ice-pick Scars because they appear as if the skin has been punctured with an ice-pick, culminating in a pin point base. On a cross section of the skin, they look as though they are a ‘V’ Shape.

Boxcar – Unlike Ice-pick scars, Boxcar scars are round to oval depressions that have sharp vertical edges (0.1-0.5 mm in depth) and they do not taper to a point at the base. On a cross section they look like they are a flat U shape base.

Rolling – Rolling scars create a wave like appearance on the skin’s surface, with the appearance of rolling or undulating , without definite borders. Conventional skin resurfacing techniques do not work on rolling scars. They must be corrected by breaking up the subcutaneous fibrous bands.

Hypertrophic – Hypertrophic scars are raised areas of skin where excessive collagen has been produced. As a result these cannot be treated with our collagen induction therapy, because you do not want more collagen to be induced in the area of excessive collagen. However, research shows that silicone sheets and silicone gel can help reduce hypertrophic scars and is sold within our clinic.