Stop your Customers Going Elsewhere!!

Stop your Customers Going Elsewhere!!

I can’t take the credit for this one, a clinic we trained had been doing this for years with great results and in fact I am very disappointed and embarrassed to admit it took us until our 9th year of business to actually nail this one!

We have always over the years got in touch with clients to rebook them in, but I must admit this was very inconsistent depending on how busy we were, and not followed up a few times, if we were unable to get hold of them the first time around.

We were missing out on such an amazing opportunity, these people have had great results and excellent service so are very pleased customers, no further trust needs to be built up as it’s there now in bundles, making it an easy sale!

Yet we weren’t doing it, until we made the decision to ask every client at the end of their treatment, “Would you prefer Date 1, Date 2 or Date 3 for your next treatment?” This works on so many levels!

First, they are very pleased with everything having just had their treatment and their level of excitement is at its highest, then with every minute from when they leave your clinic, that enthusiasm dwindles – rapidly!

You have a captive audience with no other distraction and the iron is very hot in this case. Quite simply the perfect time to ask, so just do it, you’ll be surprised that around 50% of people agree to rebook at first and when you get really good at it, you can even get this figure to around 80% of your customers. We have had days where we get 100% rebooks!

But remember, just because they have had a treatment with you today doesn’t mean you don’t still need to take a deposit, you will be surprised at having built up a great relationship with them during the treatment and having had them tell you how you’re the best thing since sliced bread but without that deposit in a few weeks/months when it’s time to come back, it may actually shock you the number of people who won’t be returning unless that deposit has been taken…

If at first, you’re struggling with this one for whatever reason, then perhaps start off with an offer to incentivise them to rebook, there and then. Never take off money or do it for a discount, instead always give them something extra for free e.g. free upgrade to a larger area or free cream as the value to your client for this is higher than the price you paid for it!

If you step back and think about this for a moment, it means your diary is forever 50% to 80% full in advance, which in turn means you need less customers, which in turn means you can spend less on marketing, that means less time on the phone booking new customers in and most amazingly, you can build up a fantastic long term relationship where they will never go anywhere else ever again (never mind mention it to all their friends how pleased they are with the excellent results they get from you).

One caveat to this though, always take a deposit, I think I already said this, didn’t I! I would even ask for a higher deposit to begin with, so if they then say they can’t afford it today, allow them the option to pay a smaller deposit to create commitment from them.