How to Install an Ozone Sauna at Your Spa or Clinic?

How to Install an Ozone Sauna at Your Spa or Clinic?

When buying a new longevity machine or wellness device, it can often be a concern on how you install and set this up. Questions people nearly always have include:

  • Is it going to be easy to install and setup?
  • Can I set it up myself or do I need a few people to help?
  • Do you come and set it up for us?
  • Will it fit through our doors?
  • Will it go up our stairs?
  • Do I need to anything installed before I can operate it?

It’s for this reason we have written this guide to answer all your questions! Though be warned it’s all very simply…

  1. Connecting the Oxygen Concentrator to The Ozone Sauna.
  • Plug in oxygen concentrator power socket into the ozone sauna.
  • Then attach the clear tube to the front of the oxygen concentrator.
  • Turn on the oxygen concentrator.
  1. Filling Up The Water Supply for The Steam.
  • Distilled water only or reverse osmosis.
  • Turn the water bottle upside.
  • Open the water bottle lid then gently put into water docking spot.
  1. Sauna Setup & Preheating
  • Ensure the correct seat hight for the next person, by lifting the seat into the best suited slot. Check no water is under the foot plate.
  • Place a towel over the seat in a secure position.
  • Also ensure there is at least half a bottle of water before turning on.
  • Close the sauna doors and place a towel over the head outlet while it preheats.
  • Turn on using the main switch at the back.
  • Then turn on the START/STOP button on the user interface screen.
  • It takes between 15-20minutes to preheat based on room temperature.
  1. Operating an Ozone Sauna Session
  • Time (menu 1) is preset at 30 minutes.
  • Temperature (menu 2) is preset at 40C, ideally start them at 37C to begin with.
  • Steam tempo (menu 3) is always preset at 100%.
  • Ozone (menu 4) is off when preheating, needs to be turned on when clients get in sauna. Start new client at 60% before gradually increasing them each time.
  • Far Infrared (menu 5) is always switched on unless client has a skin issue, and it needs to be turned off.
  • Oxygen concentrator is then turned on. Ensure its operating at 2litres/minute by adjusting the flow at the front of the machine.
  1. Client Getting In & Out of Ozone Sauna
  • Open the doors at very moment client enters the sauna, do this as quick as possible to maintain the heat and steam within the sauna.
  • Place a towel around their neck and the sauna to keep steam within the sauna.
  • Ensure all hair is kept outside of the sauna.
  • Ensure there is a towel or matt for them to step safely on when they get out.
  1. After The Ozone Sauna Session
  • Turn off the main power supply at the back.
  • Turn off the power to the oxygen concentrate.
  • Ensure all moisture is wiped away after a session, including the foot place.
  • Close sauna doors after use.
  1. Moving the Ozone Sauna
  • Simply turn off wheel locking mechanism for all 4 wheels and push where you want it to go.
  • Once in the final location, secure wheels.

The ozone sauna comes preassembled, with just the head rest to attach which is simply two screws! As you can see all in all it only takes about 15 minutes to unpack everything and then simply plug everything in. It really is that simple for you.


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