Skin Micro Needling The Facts

Skin Micro Needling The Facts

Why Skin Needling is Amazing?

The treatment itself uses a “Derma Roller or Pen” to perform “Micro Needling”; this is where a series of needles penetrate the skin causing thousands of micro injuries at a perpendicular angle using a specialist aesthetic device such as The Skin Repair Pen, for both faster and more precise needle penetration.

The benefit of a perpendicular treatment over angled needles, means less trauma to the skin, promoting faster healing times and shorter down times.

What It Can Do:

1. Reduce Wrinkles and Lines.
2. Tighten the skin.
3. Stretch mark removal.
4. Acne scar removal.
5. Reduce sun damage.
6. Reduce the appearance of scars.
7. Improvement in skin tone.
8. Reduce large facial pores.
9. A general vibrant look.

All for a fraction of the cost of invasive cosmetic surgery (surgery often starts upwards of £5,000). You don’t need to stay at home for over a week like with laser treatments to recover and you are even able to resume normal activities the same day (if you don’t mind people seeing you with a slightly red face for 24 hours!).

It gets even better as well, it doesn’t hurt due to the very effective topical anaesthetic we apply prior to all treatments. Plus the look is very natural, it’s YOU – just a few years younger and not a frozen look in sight!

So How Does Skin Micro Needling Do This??
The treatment itself is a form of collagen induction therapy, you can treat nearly all parts of the face for anti-ageing, acne scars and general scarring plus the body for stretch marks, skin tightening and general scars with the stomach, legs and the breasts being the most in demand areas to be treated.

Where this treatment excels is you don’t need a week to recover you are able to resume normal activities the same day, plus with stretch marks the areas treated are typically covered in day to day life, so no one will even know you had a treatment that day!

The treatment time depends on the size of the area to be treated and can take up to 90 minutes from start to finish for a large area such as removing pregnancy related stretch marks. The treatment involves:

1. Cleansing the skin.
2. Applying a topical anaesthetic for 20-30 minutes
3. Removing the anaesthetic and sterilising the skin.
4. Applying a serum and the specialist Skin Repair Pen over the area to be treated.
5. Applying a soothing and cooling Skin Repair cream gel to help hydrate and heal.

Key Points

This is a must treatment for any Profitable Clinic.

Expect to earn around £200 per hour offering this.

Treats such a wide range of your clients issues and concerns, so they will love you for it!