Safety and Dangers of Cryotherapy Chambers… (C-4)

Safety and Dangers of Cryotherapy Chambers… (C-4)

Is Cryotherapy Safe?


Firstly – Cryotherapy has been safely used for over 30 years.

Secondly – We wouldn’t personally use it ourselves every week if it wasn’t!

Cryotherapy can offer various health benefits, including pain relief, reduced muscle soreness, joint pain, muscle pain, weight loss, prevent rheumatoid arthritis, and many more.

That being said, you will need to always follow the instructions carefully for your whole body cryotherapy treatments.

It’s important that you wear no wet clothing and that you are completely dry for your treatment, sensitive parts of your body are covered, and no metals are on your person, whether in clothing or jewellery.

There Must Be Some Risk Though?


Cryotherapy is a relatively risk-free treatment. Blood pressure can rise, however, this is only temporary.

There are a number of health conditions that exclude some people from the treatment, however, most people can safely have a cryotherapy treatment for pain management. You must wear (dry) protective clothing including socks, underwear, and gloves.

Can You Stop at any Point During the Cryotherapy Treatment?


Yes, you can and very easily. Simply just open the door, and walk out!

Whether you’re not feeling well or just don’t like a cryotherapy session, that’s absolutely fine to stop at any time you want.

Who Can’t Have Cryotherapy?


If you have any of the following, then this means you can’t have a cold therapy or cryotherapy treatment, unfortunately:

  • Heart conditions or complaints?
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding?
  • Cancer?
  • Raynaud’s disease or any other cold-related conditions?
  • Under 10.
  • Mid to high blood pressure?
  • Angina?
  • Cardiac arrhythmias?
  • Cardiovascular diseases?
  • Intermittent claudication (also called peripheral arterial disease)?
  • Venous thrombosis: a blood clot in the veins by using ice packs ?
  • Acute cerebral haemorrhage or a stroke in the past?
  • Epileptic seizures?
  • Lung conditions in which symptoms are present?
  • Bleeding disorders?
  • Severe anaemia?
  • Acute kidney diseases and acute disorders of the urinary tract?
  • Acute myocardial infarction and rehabilitation period after the infarction?
  • History of strokes?
  • Stage II essential hypertension?
  • Stage II cardiac insufficiency?
  • Cold/Fever?
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis inactive form?
  • Malignant growths?
  • Hemorrhagic diathesis?
  • Hysteric neurosis?

Is it Uncomfortable Being That Cold?


The very first time I went into a cryotherapy chamber, I was a touch nervous and was thinking what must it feel like to be that cold, however, and rather oddly, it doesn’t feel that bad, I have in fact felt colder stood in ques waiting to go into night clubs in my 20s!

A temperature of -120˚C seems cold, however, remember the air in the cryotherapy chamber is extremely dry. Therefore, you do not really experience the extreme cold temperatures as unpleasant. Plus, you are only in there for on average 3 minutes…

What if You Feel Claustrophobic?


You wont as your head is fully outside of the cabin, creating a sense of openness unlike a Cryo Chamber, however these are no different to going in a steam room or sauna.

Also the door is magnetic, so you can easily open the door from the inside, if you want to get out.

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