Safety and Dangers of HBOT Chambers

Safety and Dangers of HBOT Chambers

Ok Ralph, well this all sounds too good to be true this hyperbaric oxygen treatment, it surely must have some side effects? It can’t be this good (and safe)!

Well of course it does have some side effects, everything in life is dualistic, HBOT included, they just happen to be very rare.

That being said, these are extreme cases and nearly everyone (though not everyone) report mild to no side effects according to a comprehensive study combined with my own personal experience, of almost a decade of being involved with HBOT chambers.

I am going to begin with the first issues I ever encountered with a HBOT session, after 4 years of using them and hundreds of treatments. Ironically it wasn’t even in my HBOT chamber, where most of these hundreds of treatments had been racked up! It was in fact in a coaching clients HBOT chamber, who had kindly let me use his as was looking to heal faster after someone had tried to kill me in my sleep when dating a new girl (it was her ex-boyfriend from over a year ago who had broken into her house!), as I had lent mine to British Lions international Gareth Cooper.



I didn’t even know this was something I suffered from, as I had not really experienced this as an adult and can only remember a time as a kid caving of some form and not particularly liking it.

Well an enclosed lie down HBOT chamber will do just that for a lot of people. I had always used a sit-up HBOT chamber, and this feeling never even occurred to me. Then in the hard shell HBOT chambers I would regularly use at a local Cheltenham venue, this was a large diving HBOT chamber which could fit a lot of people, so again no reason to feel claustrophobic.

This was an eye opener for me and though I didn’t like the experience one bit, I was very glad of this as this one experience made me realise the key to getting people to use something that’s beneficial for them, is to make it easy. Suffering from claustrophobia is certainly not a way to make it easy for people.

This is the sole reason why we don’t supply lie down or cylinder designed HBOT chambers. That being said, there are transparent acrylic cylinders/lie down HBOT chambers where the walls of the HBOT chamber are completely transparent. This of course would help, though as of writing I have not been in one, and therefore I can’t comment, however I have a feeling it still may be a problem.

So if you don’t like small, confined spaces then opt for a sit-up or larger multi-person HBOT chamber which will easily resolve this aspect.


I Ear You’re Under Pressure

Yes, I get this every time, however you simply get used to it and after the first one or two experiences you accept it as part of the process.

The feeling is similar to that of a plane, when descending. The atmospheric change may cause your ears to become pressurised and feel the need to pop! This is very normal.

That being said, the most common side effects of HBOT is middle ear trauma (sounds like something out of Lord of The Rings!). The eustachian tube, which connects your middle ear to your sinuses, needs to be manually opened to release this new built up pressure. Just like on a plane, swallowing, drinking water, blowing your nose or chewing will resolve this by forcing the valve open and releasing the air inside, resuming normal pressure once more within your ear.


I See You’re Under Pressure

Just like your ears, the change in pressure may affect the shape of your eyeball. Again extremely rare and the eye will regain its normal shape after a few weeks of being back to normal ground level pressure i.e. outside of the HBOT chamber.


Sinus Pressure

There seems to be a lot of talk about being under pressure here! Which is not surprising really, so again just like the eyes and ears, these four empty yet air filled chambers behind your cheek bones and forehead, that then connect to the inside of your nose, will experience pressure changes.

This can cause your sinus to feel uncomfortable or swollen, potentially blocking the nasal passageways resulting in congestion. Again to release the pressure and the temporary issue, we simply want the pressure to be equalized.


Lung Pressure

This is more likely for those with asthma, lung diseases or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Again not something I have personally heard anyone experience however it is possible.

Lung overinflation in extreme cases could cause air to leak into the chest cavity, leading to a collapsed lung. The excess air in the chest cavity could result in difficulty breathing and reduced blood pressure. Again also extremely rare, the lungs could leak air into blood vessels, causing an embolism. This is where gas bubbles in the blood travel to the heart or other organs, in turn blocking fresh blood flow to these organs and if not treated could be fatal.


Lower Blood Sugar

Though rare, people with diabetes may experience a drop in their sugar levels during a HBOT session. For those with diabetes and therefore one who is going to get huge benefits from regular HBOT use, then eating a meal before your HBOT session is a good idea to help maintain your blood sugar levels.


You Air Head

Some people may feel a light headedness or tiredness after a HBOT session, especially if this is your first one or are worn down. I know I felt this tiredness after my first ever session (which I did alone at home and was actually quite concerned what would happen to me!). The plus side was that I slept amazingly that first night!


Oxygen Poisoning

Yes, we can have too much of a good thing and HBOT is no different! Though very rare as you have to be pushing it real hard to get to this level, nevermind where do you find all this time to spend in a HBOT chamber! It is possible as people will love the huge improvements in health conditions or even general wellbeing and simply think more is necessarily better.

Well, you can have too much of a good thing, as surely we were all taught this as kids!

This is only going to happen when you start going over the recommended protocols. And overloading the central nervous system. Though very rare, it will also simply subside once you stop using the HBOT chamber.

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