I’m New to Beauty and Aesthetics, HELP!

I’m New to Beauty and Aesthetics, HELP!

I don’t blame you! It’s just so confusing when you enter a new industry and some people are saying this, some are saying that, others even saying you can’t! This is ever after you’ve spent ages trying to find the information in the first place.


Having written the Industry Bible for those already in aesthetics and beauty, “The Profitable Clinic” it dawned on us that there was no fantastic central resource currently available for you, that could provide everything you needed to know to setup your new very own beauty business.


This is where the idea behind our new central Learning Rescource Centre for those new to beauty and our new book “Beauty the Basics” was born, to help people just like you, who are new to beauty and aesthetics.


We cover everything you need to know to not simply get things off the ground but help you create a vibrant, fun and successful business.


We answer questions such as what qualifications do I need? Can I go mobile or have my own business run from home? How much money can I expect to earn? How much should I charge?


From almost 15 years in the industry we sat down together and went through all the most popular questions people just like you need answering and have answered them! So without further ado please get stuck in and get all the answers to everything you need and more…

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