Dont Want to go Back to Work?

Dont Want to go Back to Work?

Have you been off work for 26 weeks and dreading going back to that glass box?

Really dont want to leave your new born with strangers while you juggle with child care, family life and work pressures?

Well the great thing about the Aesthetic and Beauty world is that there are very few businesses that give you the freedom and flexibilty to fit in your customers around YOUR life, rather than you fit your life, around your customers!

The “beauty” of this industry is that you can operate your business in so many different, yet flexible ways…

1. The most obvious is to convert a spare room, garage or outbuilding (even build a log cabin in your garden!) into a treatment room, this gives you the opportunity to have no rent, no commute and the ability to fit in appointments very easily.

2. Equally low cost but with a commute is the mobile beauty business, the great thing about alot of aesthetic devices these days is that there is often a mobile option thats just as good as the larger In-Clinic version but whats even better, is at a fraction of the cost!

3. Finally you can rent a room in a local therapy centre, beauty salon or aesthetic clinic! This gives you a low cost and flexible way to have your own base, away from home, yet ideally not too long a commute away from home!

If you would like more help and advice on your business setup options, then please feel free to give us a call on 0203 519 2525 and one of us will be delighted to go over ways we can help you get the best business for you and your new born.

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