Less is More

Less is More

If you are full each and every day of the week, then this point doesn’t apply to you, so don’t even bother reading on!

However, I am guessing there is room for improvement for you and especially if you’re new to owning a business.

We see so many business owners opening up new days in their diary before they have even filled others up, as they are so desperate to get any business in at all costs (also don’t underestimate your customer’s ability to smell your desperateness, more on this later). Well don’t!

What you need to do is FOCUS! Yes, focus on set days each week that you are to fill your diary with, they don’t have to be the same day each week, you can rotate over a fortnightly or monthly cycle. However, what they do need to be is FULL!

You need each day to be focused, so that the days you are doing treatments, are focused on JUST treatments. The days you are then not doing treatments you are working on making your business better!

This may sound simple but please don’t underestimate the importance of this. Flitting from one task to another, doesn’t allow your time to focus and really get stuck into the task in hand and if anything, makes you start to have too many balls in the air, all trying to be juggled at once…

It doesn’t matter, what you choose to do non-treatment days, whether it be marketing to bring in more enquiries, sales to convert those enquiries you already have, ways to improve the service you offer or providing amazing aftercare but what it does need to be is not working in the business, but on the business.

Once you are full, you will need to take on more staff or just allow your waiting list to go from 2 weeks to 2 months, the choice is yours!

Key Point

Concentrate on one task at a time until it’s finished. If you don’t complete a task, you may as well have not started it in the first place!