Cryotherapy Chamber Leasing Costs? (C-16)

Cryotherapy Chamber Leasing Costs? (C-16)

Leasing a cryotherapy chamber in the UK


With cryotherapy chamber prices ranging from £30,000 upto £130,000, it’s no wonder that leasing a cryotherapy chamber proves a very popular option for a lot of spas, clinics, sports clubs and home users.

This article will help those of you based in the UK looking at ways to fund your new cryotherapy chamber and whether or not leasing a cryotherapy chamber is a better option for you over outright buying of your cryo chamber.

How do You Lease a Cryotherapy Chamber in the UK?


  • 1. Choose your cryotherapy chamber supplier, the model and the exact spec.
  • 2. Choose your leasing provider, we have a panel of firms that specialise in cryotherapy chamber leasing, that we are happy to share with you.
  • 3. You will then receive a quote from the cryotherapy chamber leasing specialist.
  • 4. The leasing providers will then perform credit checks and arrange for your cryotherapy chamber lease to be put in place.
  • 5. You then check over the terms of the cryotherapy chamber lease, if you are happy with the lease terms, sign and return to your leasing provider.
  • 6. The cryotherapy chamber supplier (hopefully us!) will then invoice your cryotherapy chamber lease provider, who pays us directly.
  • 7. Your cryotherapy chamber supplier then delivers, installs and trains you on your new cryotherapy chamber.
  • 8. You then make the monthly lease repayments directly to your cryotherapy chamber leasing provider.

How much will it cost to lease a cryo chamber or cryosauna?


Using an example of a typical cryotherapy chamber lease, here are the numbers:

Cryotherapy chamber price ££95,000 + VAT Deposit £47,740 + VAT Lease term 3 years Rental £1,761 + VAT

Please note these cryotherapy chamber lease rates were for a new start-up company.

The good news is that for an established business such as a hotel spa, professional sports club or clinic, taking the same £95,000 purchase price, over a 5 year term, you would not require any deposit at all, with the lease monthly payments coming in at around the same level at:

£1,971 + VAT per month.

Cost Per Treatment when Leasing a Cryotherapy Chamber


A busy cryotherapy clinic or cryo spa, we would be expecting you to do 50 plus cryotherapy sessions per day, with an average cryo business doing around 20 cryotherapy sessions a day.

Based on 20 cryotherapy sessions a day, 6 days a week over 5 years which is 31,200 cryotherapy sessions, the cryotherapy chamber lease cost per session will work out at just £3.79.

The above cryotherapy chamber in question is also an electric cryo chamber so very little extra costs and with a 5 year warranty on the very best electric cryotherapy chambers, there would be no liquid nitrogen or any further costs to add to this figure.

UK Lease Providers of Cryotherapy Chambers


If you would like to discuss the best UK lease providers for your new cryotherapy chamber, then please download your free copy of our cryotherapy buyers guide below.

Then once you have read this, we can get a call booked in with you to discuss who the best lease provider for your needs is.

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