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Laser Treatment for Acne Scars- Laser Resurfacing

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars- Laser Resurfacing

Did you know that the collagen induction therapy using needles is compared to Laser Resurfacing for the treatment for acne scars, and general scarring including facial rejuventation?

The best thing about it, is that Dermapen unlike Laser Resurfacing, doesn’t remove the top layer of skin, doesn’t cause heat damage, and yet still causes collagen to stimulate through the very fine needle columns. Laser resurfacing damages and removes the epidermal layer, whereas the needling simply penetrates the skin, for you this means much longer down time with laser treatment for acne scars and a higher risk of of pigmentation. Dermapen delivers the same results, without the risks of side effects and the need for time off work.

Take a look at our latest client, who has very fine brow wrinkles, decollete lines (chest wrinkles), necklace lines on the neck and has had great results so far

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