Is your skin weather beaten after being outdoors this weekend?

Is your skin weather beaten after being outdoors this weekend?

Skin care tips.

Is your skin having a hard time after a heavy weekend? After a night out it isn’t just your head that might be suffering, your skin will be too (especially for the girls who may have neglected to take their make-up off).


Our top tips for helping your skin out after a heavy weekend include drinking your allocated 2litres of water (8 glasses) and ensure you carry on with a good skin care regime and don’t forget your physical sunblock. If you get outbreaks after we recommend neostrata Spot treatment gel, with Salylic Acid which can be used on its own or combined with other treatment routines. Formulated with Salicylic acid (2%), NeoHydroxy Complex, and Pro-Vitamin A. Fragrance Free. Salicylic Acid is famous for its ability to smooth the skin and reduce oil to prevent blemishes, all while penetrating the pores to help clear out impurities.


The most boring night of the week… make the most of it with our top skin care tips you can implement today.

Make sure you implement the minimum of:

  • Step 1 – Cleanse and Tone
  • Step 2 – Antioxidant treatment
  • Step 3 – Hydrant, Calm or Correct
  • Step 4 – Moisturiser
  • Step 5 – Sun Protection

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