How To Use a HBOT Chamber?

How To Use a HBOT Chamber?

Very easily!

The great thing about this treatment is that you can simply sit or lie there and read, meditate (which is what I do), bring your laptop and work, watch films or surf the internet. You could even use the time to sleep or journal. That’s what I really love about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is that it gives you a chance to be alone, with no distraction to relax and do what you perhaps normally wouldn’t, during the day.

Soft shell and hard shell HBOT Chamber have different operational procedures, however in a nutshell for all types of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers, you simply set aside the time required, a great duration is 75 mins or 1 ¼ hours. This gives you approximately an hour at your desired pressure, with time to compress and of course then time to decompress.

You will step inside the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, then either sit or lie, by far my preference is to sit, which is why we only supply sit up HBOT chambers (we can put you in touch with lie down HBOT chamber providers, if this is what you really want). You will then put a face mask on, this is what delivers the higher levels of oxygen directly to your nose and mouth.

You will find it’s similar to flying. Clearing your ears will drastically help with your comfort levels. Once you have descended to relevant pressure and your ears have adjusted, you will feel completely normal in the chamber as you would when on a plane!

Then finally at the end, once pressure in the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers is back to normal everyday pressure, i.e. 1.0 ATA, you simply get out and when you have finished.

It really is that simple.


Understanding Air Pressure

The best way to understand air pressure is to think of it in terms of the weight above us and the resultant force on your body that such weight has. For example, at sea level, the atmospheric pressure is 1 ATA (atmospheres absolute), this is the entire weight of all the gases above our heads.


If we were to go 33 feet (10m) below the sea, we would then experience 2ATA or the entire weight of 33 feet of sea water on the body. Each subsequent 33 feet (10m) further down below sea level, results in an increase of a further 1 ATA i.e. at 66 foot (30m), you will experience 3ATA.


Interestingly you have to reach the height of 18,000 feet to experience an ATA of 0.5. The diagram below illustrates this:

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