How Do You Use a Cryotherapy Chamber? (C-2)

How Do You Use a Cryotherapy Chamber? (C-2)

How Does Cryotherapy Work Its Magic?


Cryotherapy subjects your body to extremely cold temperatures, usually between -110˚C to -130˚C, the temperature at the surface of your skin drops significantly to around freezing (will vary person to person). This in turn activates your skin receptors (nerve endings) to start sending signals to the central nervous system, telling it that the body is in critical danger.

During whole body cryotherapy, your body will immediately activate a wide range of defence processes that are really good for your wellbeing, plus it also has a variety of health benefits.

You will increase your production of serotonin, plus other endorphins which act as natural painkillers and feel-good hormones, your blood circulation will improve plus natural anti-inflammatories, will also be activated and produced by the body.

Various studies have also proved that cold therapy has an overall positive effect on soft body tissues or blood vessels and tends to slow down muscle soreness. This type of treatment removes damaged or diseased tissue that comes from a variety of medical conditions.

This new increased level of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood will then help you rid your body of toxins and any metabolism residues. In a nutshell, the extreme cold stimulus can be thought of as the body pressing a special button, which activates a process, creating a whole body readjustment and improvement.

How long will Your Treatment take?


Between 2 and 3 minutes generally.

Will You Need to Take Time off Work?


No, you can go straight back to work afterward.

How Often Should You Have Cryotherapy?


Obviously, this really depends on each individual person! However, once a week is a good starting point.

For sports stars, they may need to come in daily to speed up muscle recovery and enhance strength and endurance, while for someone who just wants to help with depression and feel better a few times a month.

I personally use my home cryotherapy chamber multiple times a week, as it’s easy, I just walk into my garage (Yes thats me in the photo, in my own personal cryo chamber!), which is where I am in the photo above! However, when I run out of liquid nitrogen, which is quite often due to where I live, as I am only able to get deliveries every 4 – 6 weeks, it means I can go a few weeks without any sessions, rather annoyingly!

What Should You Wear (or not wear!) During the Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy is most effective when as much skin as possible is exposed. Only the extremities require protection.

Don’t wear any creams, oils, or perfumes for the treatment. We recommend though we appreciate the whole socks and underwear look is not ones best:

For men – boxers, socks, and gloves.

For women – underwear or bikini (no metal in bra), socks, and gloves.

When Can You See the Results from a Cryotherapy Treatment?


Straight away!

You will feel good immediately after the treatment.

You will have more energy! During the session, endorphins and serotonin are released; these substances will cause you to feel good and energised. You may also find yourself suffering less from any muscle pain and chronic pain you had.

Obviously, the feeling post-treatment varies from person to person and your physical condition. You will also notice after a few sessions your skin will feel tighter, with increased weight loss and cellulite reduction.

And did I mention you will sleep better!

What Will You Feel After Your Cryotherapy Session?


Right after in a small number of cases, you may feel minor pins and needles, but after a few minutes you will feel happy, energetic, and relaxed.

This is because you have now increased your level of endorphins (Happiness Hormones), a boost in blood flow, and an increase in your collagen production. In fact, the processes will take place in your body for up to 6 – 8 hours.

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