How Much Money Can You Make from a Cryotherapy Chamber? (C-9)

How Much Money Can You Make from a Cryotherapy Chamber? (C-9)


Though there are a lot of people, who just like me, invest in a cryotherapy chamber for their own personal use at home, however for most cryotherapy buyers, it’s for their spa, clinic or wellness centre business.

Whether this business is a standalone cryotherapy clinic, a longevity clinic, wellbeing clinic, sports club, physiotherapist/injury recovery clinic, physical therapy, aesthetic clinic, or hotel spa, the end result is you are buying this to make money.

The most important question then surely is, how much money can you make, from a cryotherapy chamber?

How Much Money Can You Charge for a Cryotherapy Treatment?


It depends!

First off and biggest consideration is who is your target client?

If you are aiming at the budget end of the cryotherapy market, with a high number of clients every day, then I would suggest offering a price point of £29 per cryotherapy treatment.

If you are operating on the other end of the spectrum, therefore the top, with high-end clientele, I would suggest around £50 per cryotherapy treatment.

Cryotherapy’s reputation as a minimally invasive process that can be used for serious concerns like aging, sports therapy, injuries, and pain management will continue to fuel both awareness and customer conversion well into the future.

Cryotherapy Payment Plans


What we have seen to work the best from making lots of money from a cryotherapy business, is offering a monthly payment plan.

A typical monthly payment plan would operate along the lines of unlimited cryotherapy sessions, for between £199 to £299 per month.

For the super high-end cryotherapy venues, a monthly figure of around £399.

The likelihood is, that no one is really going to turn up more than a few times a week. Then at the start of every month, you have been paid, regardless of the number of times, those people turn up or the number of walk-ins for cryotherapy services. Most cryotherapy businesses run more than a single session per day, and some run over 10 sessions per day.

How Much Does an Electric Cryotherapy Chamber Cost to Operate?


This depends on whether you use an electric cryotherapy chamber, or a liquid nitrogen fed cryotherapy chamber.

Electric cryotherapy chambers costs around £12 per day to run. This is 6-8 cryotherapy treatments per hour, running for up to 10 hours a day and taking around 4 hours to cool down to the desired temperature before starting a cryotherapy treatment.

This equates to around £0.15 per treatment. Additionally, there are several different business models and pricing tiers you can implement that will allow you to reach all types of customers.

How Much Does a Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy Chamber Cost to Operate?


For a liquid nitrogen fed cryotherapy chamber, the approximate cost of a cryotherapy center is determined by:

Cost per litre of liquid nitrogen – c.£1 per litre.

The number of litres required to cool the cryotherapy machine – 3 to 5 litres.

The number of litres of liquid nitrogen per treatment – 3 litres.

So if the cryotherapy machines are already cool, it will cost the business owner around £3 per cryotherapy session to operate.

For a one off cryotherapy treatment, like I would have at home, it will cost £6 to £8 per whole body cryotherapy treatment.

How Much Money Can a Cryotherapy Chamber Make You?


The best way to present this information for you is by using a table, which factors in different variables, such as how many treatments per day, then the pay back per week, per month, and per annum.

The below table shows you the price point £29 per cryotherapy treatment:

Treatments a Day

Weekly Sales

Monthly Sales

Yearly Sales

































For the more high-end venues, the below table shows you for the price point £49 per cryotherapy treatment:

Treatments a Day

Weekly Sales

Monthly Sales

Yearly Sales

































Will You Need Cryotherapy Insurance?


Usually, just public liability.

We can provide details on the day, how to get insurance with our recommended insurance providers, alternatively, you may be able to add it to any existing policy you may already have depending on the medical device and what treatments you are currently also offering.

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