How Much is a HBOT Chamber?

How Much is a HBOT Chamber?

How Much Does a HBOT Chamber Cost?

We need to begin by saying the range of prices for a HBOT chamber is rather quite incredible! Though for very, very good reasons. For you to understand just how incredible the difference is, at one end of the scale you can get a HBOT Chamber for just under £10,000, in fact around £8,000 for a soft shell lie down 1.3ATA HBOT Chamber.

Then on the flipside of that, you can easily reach over £200,000 for a multi-user hard HBOT chamber, suitable for 15 plus people. And yes, HBOT Chambers that big do exist!


Let’s Start With The Cheapest Priced HBOT Chambers First…

So you may have been doing your research and noticed that all these different companies offer the same soft shell HBOT chambers? Funny isn’t it! Why are all these very different companies all offering the exact same HBOT chambers for sale. Well I am about to put you out of your misery! So the two main types of inflatable soft shell HBOT chambers you will have seen no doubt are

  1. Lying down – Starting from £8,000 available in small, medium and large.
  2. Sat upright – Starting from £10,000 available in medium and large.

Now I appreciate they may call the large, XXL and though they look the same and being the same shape, some will be 1.3ATA and some will be 1.4 ATA or 1.5ATA, that I will come on to shortly. In a nutshell nearly all these soft shell HBOT chambers are made by the same manufacturer.

One company has the UK distribution rights to these and everyone else is either buying off them in bulk. Then with their discount for bulk buying plus their profit margin come in at around the same price, though could be below or above the official distributor’s price. Then other suppliers will have business links outside of the UK to import them and these will be a lot cheaper for the same chamber, sometimes at as much as half price!

Yes, it is one of the most bizarre marketplaces I have encountered in my life, and I have been supplying wellbeing devices for a very long time. It took me sometime to realise just how crazy the marketplace was, and I know what I am doing. So for someone simply wanting to buy a HBOT chamber for home use, things fast become very confusing.


These HBOT Chambers Are Not Made in the UK!

It’s also worth stating that these soft shell HBOT chambers are NOT made in the UK, nor in Europe and certainly not in the USA either. Yet you will notice most of these companies are claiming them to be “assembled” in the UK. Which means they come from overseas and then they install them at your premises in the UK. Which though very amusing is true as they have to put them together somewhere in the UK if you are to use them in the UK.

Think of it like Ikea promoting and advertising their furniture as assembled in the UK! Get the idea…

Another funny thing is they will claim this pump is made in Germany or this valve in Sweden, it’s amusing though rather desperate.

In fact ironically the authorised distributor of these in the UK is one of the very few suppliers to the actual state they are not made in the UK! Though they don’t tell you either where they are made. I am slightly torn on this as I want this Buyer Guide to HBOT Chambers to be as detailed, comprehensive and accurate as possible. However, I’m not sure if that’s a bit mean of me on the other companies to reveal this.

What I will say however is that these HBOT Chambers made somewhere outside of Europe and America are incredibly well made and no, we don’t sell them! How do I know how well made they are and what great HBOT chambers they are?

Well, I own one! And in fact have owned one since 2016, which at the time of writing is over 8 years and it still works like a dream. In fact, I was so impressed with them we almost had UK distribution rights before the current distributor and the only reason we didn’t was my previous co-director (an ex-fiancé!) was scared to invest in this opportunity. Well, what a bad decision that was for her, oh and me!

Now I appreciate I am wanting to supply you with an HBOT chamber and here I am telling you how great these foreign soft shell HBOT chambers are. Why would I do this? Well, it’s the truth. I would rather build up a strong trustworthy business over the next few decades than make a few quick sales here and there. We are in this for the long term, and we love what we do, which is why it’s important to be honest.


Whats the Difference Between 1.3 ATA & 1.5 ATA?

Next, I promised you I would explain about the 1.3 ATA and 1.5 ATA which I have explained in a lot more detail in another guide comparing soft shell HBOT chambers to hard shell HBOT chambers. Here I will touch on it briefly for you.

When I bought my HBOT chamber, the only way to get 1.5 ATA was by investing in a hard shell and lying down. I really don’t like lying down HBOT chambers as I find them claustrophobic and uncomfortable (which is why we don’t supply them). In fact I have only ever been in a lie down HBOT Chamber once, when Alex Popham the rugby international kindly let me go in his HBOT Chamber at home. Though I was grateful for this, it was both the first and the last time I would ever go in a lye down HBOT chamber.

It was for this reason that I had no choice in going for the 1.3ATA at the time. However things have progressed massively today, and now you can get a sit up HBOT chamber that goes as deep as 1.5 ATA! This is absolutely amazing!

You may have heard of the term mild HBOT and then also real HBOT, which kicks in at around 1.5 ATA. There will be someone I am sure wanting to argue that figure, and maybe 1.8 ATA is in fact the correct cut off for “real” hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, it matters not as 1.5 ATAs in a super comfortable i.e. sat upright HBOT chamber, that is easily moved i.e. soft shell is a game changer for you!

In a nutshell, you will get significant more benefits at 1.5 ATA than at 1.3 ATA, so always buy a 1.5 ATA HBOT chamber if going for a soft shell. The price is very similar if not often the same, so please ensure you do this if going for a soft shell. Very, very important.

That being said there is a reason why we no longer sell soft shell HBOT chambers, which leads us nicely on to the price of a hard shell HBOT chamber.


You’re The Best Around, The Most Expensive HBOT Chamber Prices…

Now this is where I have less experience in, having never personally owned a hard shell HBOT chamber/ However, I have been in one many times! In fact I intend to sell my 1.3 ATA sit up HBOT chamber soon as I intend to invest in a 2.0 ATA sit up hard shell once I have moved to my next long term property, due to the weight of a hard shell HBOT chamber being around 250 – 700 kg, not something I want to be moving regularly for obvious reasons! While without a home HBOT chamber I will simply visit other venues to maintain at least a weekly or fortnightly session.

When it comes to hard shell 2.0 ATA HBOT chambers, the range of manufacturers open up significantly instead of all being made by pretty much one international manufacturer based somewhere in the world that’s not Europe or America!


Sit Up and Listen If You Want The Most User Friendly HBOT Chamber

I don’t know of all manufacturers of hard shell HBOT chambers in the world, but I do know a lot of them. Again when it comes to the shape and design of a hard shell, I truly believe it has to be a sit up as previously mentioned, due to the claustrophobia aspect.

Ask yourself, if you are offering this as a business and your customers feel trapped inside your HBOT chamber, do you think they are going to come back at all, never mind regularly? I love HBOT hence why I personally have one and supply these amazing longevity devices. However, I have absolutely no desire to go in a lying down HBOT chamber, even if it is 2.0 ATA or not. I would simply not bother!

Then for the homes users ask yourself, are you really going to feel enthused to regularly step inside a small confined claustrophobic space? I know I wouldn’t. The purpose of investing in a HBOT chamber is to use it as often as beneficially possible.

I have learnt over the years, having over £100,000 of longevity devices at home, that the best way to make something a regular part of your life or your customer’s life i.e. a habit, is to make it easy and appealing. Which is why 6 days a week I spend 15 minutes on my rebounder come rain, wind or shine and simply decided to stop running as I often didn’t feel like it on the really cold, wet dark mornings at 5am in winter! Now summer is a completely different proposition…

I also truly believe if you are going to invest your time in going in a HBOT chamber a few times a week, say 3 times which is just under 4 hours a week of time in total. Then why not fully optimise the benefits you will get and go in a hard shell that can deliver 1.8 ATAs to 2.0 ATAs.

Now I appreciate budget has an influence here and if you can only afford 1.5 ATA or nothing, then always go for 1.5 ATA as you will get great improvements in health and wellbeing. Which was why I wrote the last section, as that was for you. This section is for those with budgets over £40,000 which is the price point of the cheapest sit up hard shell HBOT chamber.


I Prefer Going Solo When Under Pressure…

For most of you this size will be fine and is most certainly fine for me as it will only be me going inside the HBOT chamber and you can, for this price, get a very good single use 2.0 ATA hard shell HBOT chamber.

Where the budge will need to increase significantly, is when you have more people than just yourself going in the HBOT chamber at once i.e. a commercial operation or you want all your family members to joining you a few times a week to combine super wellbeing with family time together.

The budget then needs to increase. In fact, it needs to almost double as the multi place hard shell HBOT chambers start off around £80,000 for two users, then go up towards £100,000 plus for 4 or 5 users.

This is the starting price, as the HBOT chambers designed with the diving community in mind are even more, with a two user hard shell HBOT chamber starting off with delivery and installation at around £110,000 including VAT (£90,000 is you can claim back the VAT).

Then for a four or five person hard shell HBOT chamber you are looking at around £130,000 including delivery, installation and VAT. Or £110,000 ex VAT.

I appreciate this is not cheap! And way out of my budget…



So there you have it. A complete breakdown of all the different types of HBOT chambers available for you today worldwide from £10,000, all the way up way past £100,000. If you are looking to sit upright in a hard shell, then I would be delighted to help you in your quest for the best HBOT chamber for your business or home.

However before we speak, I would highly recommend that you read arguably the world’s most comprehensive “HBOT Chamber Buyers Guide” that you can access for free below, simply fill out the form. Then once read, I’d be delighted to book in a call with you sometime. Please note that we only supply within the UK and Ireland.

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