How Much Does an Ozone Sauna Cost?

How Much Does an Ozone Sauna Cost?

Well like most things in life, it depends!

There are a few types of ozone saunas. The three main types are:

  1. Home use ozone sauna tents.
  2. Steam pods with mild ozone.
  3. Ozone sauna with medical grade ozone.

A home only use ozone sauna tent is around £300 to £1,000. These are almost disposable, as in the case that after around 6 months of regular use, the ozone will break down the materials made in construction. So please view these as either a temporary measure or for when travelling. Though we cover these in far more detail in another article.

Steam pods with mild ozone cabinets are the Chinese made options, that you will get huge benefits from the steam element however they are not real ozone saunas. Though they do make a great low price option for those of you wanting a steam room at home.

Then finally what this article is all about, how much is a real ozone sauna.

Before I begin, it’s worth noting that prices will change with exchange rate fluctuations as ozone saunas are made worldwide. Then of course suppliers will have different levels and specifications, then finally from time to time some suppliers may offer discounts or offers. This guide is focused on giving you a good solid starting point that is updated annually.

Let’s start with the lowest price points before we move upwards in price, though not necessary in quality.


Let’s Start With The Cheapest Entry Level Ozone Sauna First…

Entry level into the amazing world of ozone saunas starts off with Chinese models at around £2,500.

These are often sold by UK resellers or can be purchased direct from the Chinese factory. These are ok if you want a steam room at home. These however are not Ozone Saunas; they are a steam room that utilises ozone to clean the sauna at the end. The only health benefits you are getting is the steam, which is good just no ozone.

Though build quality is acceptable, they will tend to only be fully functional for a few years as opposed to a few decades. But what do you expect at this price point and it’s a far exchange of value for price paid and the minimal level of quality offered.

If I was on a budget of around £3,000 this is what I would buy as to have a home steam room at this price is great. Though don’t forget to add in VAT at 20% plus delivery which takes the quoted price of around £2,500 to around £3,500 in total by the time you turn it on and have your first ozone sauna using it.


Mid-Range Ozone Saunas

These come in at around £5,000 to £8,000 and are the minimum level to be having an ozone sauna experience.

However this is where it gets really interesting and very confusing, well it was for me when I started on my quest to supply a world leading ozone sauna! First off these are “ozone saunas” however the ozone is provided by a small built in ozone generator that utilises ambient air i.e. 18% – 21% oxygen.

To have a medical grade ozone sauna, you have to have one of two things:

  1. External oxygen source e.g. oxygen bottles or cylinder from a gas supplier.
  2. Oxygen concentrator medical grade i.e. 90% pure oxygen at 2litres/hour.

Often you will find they have extremely low levels of ozone such as 10-70ug/ml. This alone then renders them comparable to using a bike to tow your caravan as opposed to a car with a large powerful engine!

Another key aspect of using the ambient air as your source of ozone is that ambient air contains 78% nitrogen. When nitrogen passes through the ozone generator, the 78% nitrogen in the air becomes nitric acid, which in such amounts is harmful to humans, hence why its not medical and can be harmful to you and your clients.

In fact why not type into Google what nitric acid does to humans, once you have read this guide?

Another huge difference between these and the best comes down to size, build quality and durability.

They are often very small and make sitting in the ozone sauna for 30 minutes very claustrophobic and extremely uncomfortable. A larger ozone sauna is a lot more comfortable for normal sized people as it gives them extra space. Plus for those larger people both in height and build, it allows them to not be cramped and confined. Which ultimately means you can offer the ozone sauna treatment to a wider range of people.

When it comes to the build quality, re-inforced fiberglass takes longer to build and costs more to make. This means that you have a longer lasting and safer ozone sauna. Plus it also allows you to have heavier individuals use the ozone sauna such as athletes who are often heavily muscular.


The Best Ozone Saunas

Obviously as I am writing this, I am going to be slightly biased that our Ozone Saunas are the best you would typically think? However I am going to say they are not the best.

In fact from my experience the HOCATT system is the best due to the exceptional range of therapies it offers all in one system. In fact it offers these therapies that ours doesn’t:

  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF).
  • Breathe pure oxygen while having an ozone sauna.
  • CO2 infusion to create carbonic acid.
  • Micro currents.
  • Option to add Essential oils.
  • Full spectrum colour light.
  • Activated charcoal ozone destructor.

The main things of value to me would be the PEMF. However, that being said, you can simply buy a great PEMF mat for around £900, though you would have to use separately so the HOCATT does save you time by stacking modalities, that is for sure.

Pure oxygen is a gimmick as your oxygen will be increased by the ozone alone, plus a HBOT chamber is the best place to go if this is something you want and with the difference in price you can buy your very own HBOT chamber!

I don’t have the expertise when it comes to CO2 infusion and the carbonic acid affect, though it does sound good that’s for sure.

Micro currents, if you are using PEMF, I don’t see the value in using micro currents as well as the PEMF is recharging you.

Essential oils when I go in a steam room and other people have put them in are pleasant however it’s not something I have wanted enough to buy my own, so this will come down to personal preference.

The full spectrum light is a bit of a gimmick as you already have the powerful healing properties of far infrared in both the HOCATT ozone sauna and our ozone sauna.

The finally, the ozone destructor sounds nice however is a waste of time as you simply open the ozone sauna doors to let the ozone out. If a small room, then simply open the windows. The only time this could be handy is if it’s a real tiny room with no windows and if that’s the case you might not fit all this extra equipment in anyhow.

However there is of course a big catch, in fact a very big catch! All this costs and costs a lot! We are talking about an ozone sauna that is over THREE times the price of our ozone sauna. Yes 3 times! So this is not some slightly more expensive ozone sauna, where it might be a few thousand pounds more, we are talking you could have three of our ozone sauna for the price of their one ozone sauna.

The HOCATT ozone sauna costs c.£50,000 depending on exchange rates and specification. Whereas our ozone sauna costs £14,990. Ours includes delivery as well to your front door. I am not sure of the delivery charges for the HOCATT ozone sauna.

One thing I have been told by a few people who have bought the HOCATT ozone sauna, is that it is built in China. How do they know? Well the ozone sauna has been sent direct from the Chinese factory and has the senders delivery address and details. Plus its covered in “made in China” stickers. I haven’t been personally able to verify this with my own eyes, so do your own research.

In order of transparency ours are made in South Africa.

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