How Do you Use Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy?

How Do you Use Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy?

Very, very simply! Out of all the longevity and wellness devices one can use and that we supply, this has to be the easiest to use, by far! You simply turn it on and lie down. And yes, that’s it!

The reason we supply red light therapy beds and not panels, is that the red light therapy beds treat all your body and not just part. This is very, very important and key.

First off, the main benefits are derived from the areas that are exposed to the red light and NIR light. That being said, there will be whole body indirect benefits that come from having red light on parts of your body by the very nature of red light being an energy based therapy and everything is energy, and I mean absolutely everything, including you!

Secondly, if you then want to get the whole body benefits you will have to double, treble or even quadruple your time under the light, and lets be honest, this ain’t going to happen is it! And that’s coming from me, someone who invests many hours a day in my longevity, writes books about longevity, speaks at events about longevity and supplies longevity devices!

That being said, if you can’t afford a red light therapy bed and a large panel is all that you can afford, then this is your best option! Though we are not your best point of contact to supply you with a red light panel, this guide will still give you loads of great knowledge on red light and NIR light therapy. Plus, we are always happy to point you in the right direction when it comes to red light therapy panels.


How Long Do You Use Red Light For?

This one is simply, the best results are generally between 15 and 20 minutes. I personally find 20 minutes a touch too long, so will do 15 minutes, four to six days a week. However this is on a large red light panel (yes, I am getting a red light bed very shortly, only reason was that I was moving soon).

To get the full benefit s of red light therapy the best protocols are 20 minutes three times a week i.e. around an hour of red light therapy per week! That being said remember not all red light beds are equal and there will be different results however this is the gold standard and would apply this protocol across all red light devices.

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