Can You Have an Ozone Sauna at Home?

Can You Have an Ozone Sauna at Home?

Yes. In fact most ozone saunas in the UK are in private residences due to both the huge benefits people get from using an ozone sauna a few times a week and also very importantly, is that not everyone is close to a spa or wellness centre with an ozone sauna.

This can make it very difficult to get your one to three ozone sauna sessions in every week, if you have to drive an hour each way just to use an ozone sauna. Which when you add getting ready to leave the house, two hour round trip, plus getting unchanged and then changed again and of course actually being in the ozone sauna for half an hour, then finally 15 minutes to cool down post ozone sauna and time chatting with staff at the spa, gives you a total time of around 4 hours.

Whereas at home this time is 45 minutes. Which explains the huge popularity of an ozone sauna at home.

So now we know why its an excellent idea to have one at home for you and your families regular use, the next question is, can you have at one at your home?

Below I list a few questions and consideration that you will need to consider before investing in an ozone sauna for you and your families health and wellbeing.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Home Ozone Sauna?

  1. Do you have £12,990 to invest in an ozone sauna?
  1. Do you have space for the ozone sauna i.e. 0.7m wide by 1.4m dept with an allowance for the doors opening 1.4m wide.
  1. Are you happy with the extra electricity of 44 pence per hour (Jan’24) when in use or 22p per session?
  1. Will you use it regularly? Personally I would recommend a minimum of once a week use before considering buying a home ozone sauna.



Unlike some of the other amazing longevity devices out there, this one is really quite simple as to whether or not its worth you buying one for home use.

First question is do you have the space? They really don’t take up much space at all, so that’s easy for most people and think garage, shed, spare bedroom etc.

Running costs are very economical. So again this is an easy decision, can you afford to pay 22 pence each time you use it?

The biggest decision is most likely are you happy to invest £12,990 in your health? Only you can make that decision.

Then finally an often under looked perspective, which I believe to be important, would be asking the question are you going to use this at least once a week? This could be you or any member of your family. However to make this a worthwhile investment, I truly believe at least one person in your household using it once a week on average is needed.

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