Can You Have a HBOT Chamber at Home?

Can you Have a HBOT Chamber at Home?


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It actually is that simple. However there are a few aspects we need to consider. These are:

  1. Space
  2. Door width.
  3. Extreme cases, load bearing level of your floors.


The main aspects to consider in order to have your very own HBOT chamber at home are will it fit.


Absolute Minimum Room Size Required for Your HBOT Chamber?

It’s not just the HBOT Chamber itself you have to consider from a minimum size perspective as you will require at the very minimum an air compressor and an oxygen generator to operate the HBOT Chamber. I cannot recommend enough however the need for an air cooler as well. These things get very hot in the summer without the air cooler, you have been warned!

So based on the smallest HBOT Chamber I know of (there may be smaller however even if there is, they can’t physically be that much smaller!), you are going to need a room at least 210cms or 7 foot long. This is tight by the way, with allowing 20cms around the HBOT Chamber and then 50cms in front of the HBOT Chamber to get inside and set it up in that room.

The room width you would require again is around 210 cms or 7 foot. The soft shell HBOT Chambers expand when at pressure, so without enough space around the chamber, its going to be pressing very hard on the surrounding walls. This is not good at all!

Personally this minimum size is very much the minimum size as it’s going to be difficult to set up and feel very tight in the room however it is possible.

This is for the smallest single use sit up soft shell HBOT Chamber. In one of my previous houses, I had my larger than the size detailed above, sit up soft shell HBOT Chamber in a room 8ft by 8ft 10 inches. This worked very well where it had its own sperate room, however it also wasn’t taking up a larger room that could be used for something else. Also there was enough space to use it and set it up nicely combined with not wasting a lot of space.


Minimum Room Size Required for a Hard Shell Single User HBOT Chamber?

Again bearing in mind the factors we mentioned above such as air compressor, oxygen generator and air cooler, along with space to maneuver and set up your hard shell HBOT Chamber, so that we don’t have to repeat ourselves.

It’s also worth noting that the two smallest hard shell HBOT Chambers I know of i.e. for one person are different shapes i.e. one is longer, and one is wider. I am going to base my calculations for you on the HBOT Chamber that is the shortest in length as more probable in this configuration to fit into a smaller room.

The location of the door, and whether its inward or outward swinging start to make things more complicated, as is also going to have a bearing on the size of the room as well This makes it difficult to give an accurate size however you are looking at a minimum room length of 3,000 cms or 10 foot.

Again for the same reasons as length, the minimum width has a few different factors however we would want a room of at least 2,700 cms or 9 foot. However please speak with us first if not sure as a few factors we need to consider that are not quite as simple as the length and width of a room, though a very good starting point.

This is for the smallest hard shell single use HBOT Chamber. So, when it comes to a hard shell HBOT Chamber larger than a one person setup, it’s best to view each case on an individual basis as a lot of factors to consider.


Minimum Door Width Required for Your HBOT Chamber?

You might have enough rooms and enough space in each room, however can your new HBOT chamber fit through your front door, up your stairs and finally into its intended final resting place?

I know this seems so obvious however you would be surprised at the number of people who don’t think of this and just assume! Which is why it’s our job to ensure you do things right and get all aspects covered!

If you are opting for a soft shell HBOT Chamber this is not something you have to concern yourself with unless you live in some hobbit styled house!

This gets hard to answer on an individual basis as some of the largest HBOT Chambers often have the option to come in parts, that are made up on site. This means you can ironically often get larger HBOT chambers through a normal sized door than some of the smaller, yet one piece HBOT chambers.

This is something that needs to be discussed on an individual basis.


Weight & Floor Strength for Your HBOT Chamber

For most types of HBOT Chambers this is not a consideration, and only a consideration when going for the larger and heavier hard shell HBOT Chambers that weigh over c.500 KG and you have a suspended wooden floor, as opposed to concrete floor.

This is not something I can answer for you and something you will need to assess yourself as all floors are different, both in material used and the design of the structure.

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