Can you Have a Cryotherapy Chamber at Home? (C-11)

Can you Have a Cryotherapy Chamber at Home? (C-11)


Yes, you most certainly can!

In fact many do, just like me! I’ve had my own cryotherapy chamber at home for years now, in my garage!

So this first hand experience, combined with having sold cryotherapy chambers for the last 5 years, puts me in a good place to write this guide to cryotherapy chambers at home for you.

The basics to consider first, are as follow:


  • Who would benefit from having a cryotherapy chamber at home?
  • Your budget to invest in a cryotherapy chamber?
  • Space required for your cryotherapy chamber?
  • Type of flooring to support the weight, of your cryotherapy chamber?
  • Type of feed i.e. electric or liquid nitrogen you want for your cryotherapy chamber?

Who Would You Recommend to Having a Cryo Sauna at Home?


Anyone who is actually going to use it.

This is not some shiny new toy, a cryotherapy chamber is there to be used and used often. If you are not going to use it at least once a week, I would say, don’t bother and save your money for something that you will use.

This, therefore, means people who will actually use their cryotherapy chamber, multiple times a week, in order to make a cryosauna or cryo chamber a worthwhile investment for you.

This will include sports stars and high performing athletes, plus those with chronic pain, depression, or simply mad enthusiasts like the directors here, who are neither high performing sports stars nor in any pain, and just love the treatment, hence why we do what we do!

Your Budget to Invest in a Cryotherapy Chamber?


I’ve covered this a few times in my other guides on cryotherapy for you, however will do a quick recap here, and if you want more in-depth detail, I would recommend you read and download your free Buyers Guide to Cryotherapy Chambers at the bottom of this page

Your budget is the key consideration when it comes to buying your own cryotherapy chamber for home. If you don’t have over £30,000 to spend, it’s a simple process for you. You buy a cryosauna (head out), direct liquid nitrogen feed, and cold air.

If you have a healthier budget, of around £50,000, you can then look at getting an indirect feed cryotherapy chamber (head in), which will get better results for you, while also being far safer, by not coming into direct contact with liquid nitrogen.

Then finally, if you have over £70,000, then you are in the premier league…You can get the holy grail of cryotherapy machines, an electric cryotherapy chamber or cold therapy machine that goes down to -110°C cold temperature (don’t even chance getting a -85°C)

Space Required for Your Liquid Nitrogen Cryosauna?


When it comes to cryotherapy chambers, due to the number of variables, it’s often not just a one size fits all answer.

I will however start with the minimum space for the world’s smallest cryotherapy chamber, the Cryomed One. This takes up a floor area of 1m2.

Therefore the dimensions to be working from as a starting point are:

Length – 1120 mm x Width – 900 mm.

You will of course need space around this in order to open the door, have access to the back for installation, and connecting the liquid nitrogen when it needs replacing.

Next, let’s not forget about ceiling height.

Remember your head is going to be sticking out the top, if you go for a cryosauna, which starts off at 1780 mm (1.8m) in height, add in your head from the shoulders, approximately a foot, then to make the experience comfortable for you and your family, I would be wanting at least another foot above my head. So 2 feet or 60 cms above the cryosauna height of 1,780 mm, gives you a total minimum ceiling height of 2.4m or just under 8 feet.

The above is the bare minimum and for larger cryotherapy chambers, you will need to be speaking with your supplier for exact room specifications.

Space Required for Electric Cryotherapy Chamber?


Then for the minimum size, when it comes to an electric cryotherapy chamber, it is:

Length – 1,533 mm x Width 1,250 mm.

This will require a floor area of at least 3m by 2m, therefore 6m2.

With a minimum ceiling height of 2.4m.

This is for a single user electric cryotherapy chamber.

Type of Flooring Required to Support Your Cryotherapy Chamber.


These things are heavy, to give you an idea of the weight, I will again use the Cryomed One, being it’s the smallest and lightest whole body cryotherapy equipment in the world, it serves as a good starting point. The Cryomed One weights 250kg.

Due to this weight, you will need to ensure your floor can support this, my home cryosauna is on a concrete floor in my garage, which is more than adequate. However, I would check before you start putting it on an old suspended wooden floor.

Also using the starting point figures for an electric cryotherapy chamber, these are a lot heavier, as the technology used weighs a ton! Almost quite literally a ton, coming in at 800kg! This is for a single user electric cryotherapy chamber.

Type of Feed, Electric, or Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy Chamber?


I cover this in a lot more detail in my guide at the botto of the page. I would read this guide before deciding which is best for you.

However, like a lot of things in life, the first consideration is budget, then the fact that a lot of the UK, simply can’t get a consistent and reliable liquid nitrogen delivery service, so an electric cryotherapy chamber may be your only option.

Are There Any Legal or Planning Restrictions?


None that we are currently aware of, however, please speak with us for an up-to-date perspective as you know what councils can be like!

What Type of Maintenance Will You Need?


If looked after which we are sure it will be, very little if any.

It’s always worth looking around your cryotherapy chamber once a month, like you would for your car, checking tyres, water, oil, etc, for anything obvious and of course any funny noises that occur out of the blue, you would be wise to investigate further.

Nearly all cryotherapy chambers or pain relief cold therapy machines have the ability to remotely fault find and even fix. Plus a good cryotherapy machine supplier will be at the end of the phone for you with a solution if it can’t be rectified remotely.

What Are the Running Costs?


Per treatment, costs depend on how many treatments you’re having at any one time, as a liquid nitrogen fed cryo chamber needs pre-cooling (the highest use of liquid nitrogen) before a treatment can begin. However, once it is precooled, it can deliver many treatments without further pre-cooling.

It will cost about £4 per treatment if you are having two treatments back-to-back.

Then for an electric cryo machine, you are talking peanuts, as you can run a full day of 6-8 sessions an hour, for just £12 a day.

Installing Your Cryotherapy Chamber


This is simple, generally your supplier will arrange this for you!

If you have a cryosauna, this can be done yourself, as they are super easy to install, in fact taking the packaging off, will take you longer than the actual installation!

If you go for a multi person cryotherapy chamber or an electric cryotherapy chamber, then it will require a bit more effort, however the firm supplying you will go over all the requirements and arrange the engineer/installer.

Generally, they will require at least a video of the space before agreeing to a sale or may come and do an onsite inspection, prior to installation.

Any Safety Advice?


In a nutshell…children, and pets!

For adults (well nearly all adults), these are very safe as long as you follow the safety protocols, then everything is straight forward. However, for children and animals, they might not feel so inclined to read such safety manuals and their curiosity will get the better of them!

For this reason, if you do have pets or children, I would consider locking the room, where your cryotherapy chamber is going to be kept.

In addition to this, inform children of the dangers and for those with extremely clever animals, you can do the same!

When it comes to storage of your liquid nitrogen, especially if this is outside and stored in a separate location, to the locked room where your cryotherapy chamber is, I would seriously suggest putting a cage around it, to stop tinkering hands.

Moving back to adults, we do insist that you never go in the cryochamber alone, with no supervision (could call this over the top but we prefer to take no risks) and for no longer than 3 minutes. It’s that simple.

If the room is well ventilated and the device well maintained, and of course, you follow the above instructions, you will have many, many, years of safe and fantastic benefits from your home cryotherapy chamber.

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