Getting the Right Beauty Insurance for You?

Getting the Right Beauty Insurance for You?

Now if you want to get beauty insurance you will have to meet the specific requirements of the insurer. So this is an indirect form of qualification.

Some beauty insurers specialise in those who have undertaken an insurance approved beauty course, like the ones we offer. We have a panel of 5 insurers who are happy to insure those we have trained with no prior experience in beauty or aesthetics upon completion. However, we do recommend that if you haven’t already got it, you go on and do your NVQ Level 3 in Beauty.

Other insurers may require medical qualifications ie nurse or doctor however that’s their choice in the particular market place they have decided to focus on and operate within and not a UK legal requirement. Then other beauty and aesthetic insurers will want a minimum of NVQ Level 3 in Beauty to do perform treatments in the courses we offer.

Finally, though we dont advocate this, there is no legal requirement to hold insurance in the UK however if something goes wrong then if you are a sole trader, it could end up costing you alot of money.

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