Getting Customers Ready…

Well there is a serious message here, getting them ready for your treatments!

Ha this probably made you laugh as your probably thinking, get them ready for what!

How often do you book clients in but don’t tell them what they need to prep for the treatments? Do you ever tell them what to expect afterwards as well so that they can plan the next few days post treatment in order to get maximum benefits? Do you send emails and text messages with confirmation of everything and reminders of the date?

These are all great things to do which puts you, way above your competition and it’s another gentle way to build your brand with your clients and remind them you’re here which will do wonders for your business!

An Example of Our Customer Confirmation Email For You…

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,

Thank you for booking your micro-needling treatment with The Skin Repair Clinic. Your 50% deposit of £199.00 has been taken for one treatment with the balance payable in full on the day.ppointment details: Saturday 6th January 2018 at 11.30-1.30pm at our Bristol Clinic.

3, Berkeley Square, Clifton. BS8 1HL.

Prior to attending treatment can you please ensure you follow the below guidelines:

1. No prolonged exposure to the sun 24 hours prior to treatment.

2. No retin-A products/applications 12 hours prior.

3. Skin clear of makeup/creams and clean, exfoliate beforehand if possible for optimum results.

4. Not administered to sun burnt skin.

We recommend NOT to wear any light coloured fitted or tight clothing that will be covering the areas to be treated.

We look forward to seeing you on the day and if you have any questions beforehand then please call us on either number below.

Kind Regards,

The Skin Repair Clinic

If your currently not doing this or would like to improve your confirmation email? Your more than welcome to use ours above and simply cut and paste it to your emails next time you book someone in! I hope this has helped you? These little finishing touches really do help your clients, to absolutely love you