How to Finance Your New Cryotherapy Chamber? (C-15)

How to Finance Your New Cryotherapy Chamber? (C-15)

Cryotherapy Chamber Finance


You have two options when it comes to buying your cryotherapy chamber:

  • 1. Buy outright.
  • 2. Pay monthly.

Buying outright is obviously the simplest way to finance your cryotherapy chamber. Simply make one payment via bank transfer, well 50% deposit and then the remaining balance 21 days before delivery.

That being said for cryotherapy chambers, financing your investment using monthly payments or leasing is very popular in the UK for gyms, clinics, sports clubs, professional sports teams, spas and hotels.

When it comes to home users of cryotherapy chambers, these are often cash purchases, though we are certainly able to arrange financing for high net worth individuals looking to finance their new cryo chamber.

Cryotherapy Chamber Finance and Leasing in the UK?


For those of you that opt to finance your new cryotherapy chamber with monthly finance repayments. The benefits are listed below:

  • 1. Improve your cash flow. You can spread out the cost over a longer time period, instead of a big hit all at once, while you are either establishing your new business, or waiting for the new treatment offering to build momentum within your existing business.
  • 2. This allows the funds that would have been used for your new cryotherapy chamber to be used elsewhere in your business. Meaning you have more flexibility and options moving forward with your business
  • 3. No scary VAT payments. As VAT is now spread out over the term of your cryotherapy lease as part of your monthly repayment, you won’t have any nightmares about finding 20% of £30,000 to £130,000 within the next 3 months.
  • 4. Always have the latest cryotherapy chamber, one of the benefits of leasing just like you would with a new car, is that it allows you to upgrade at the end of your lease term.
  • 5. Tax planning, by using a lease rental agreement, 100% of your rental is deductible against your company’s corporation tax.

Benefits of Cryotherapy Chamber Finance?


In a nutshell it comes down to cashflow. It’s that simple, personally, I always prefer to pay for something outright if I have the funds as its simple, its done and dusted.

However for larger investments like a £30,000 to 130,000 cryotherapy chamber, its often not that simple.

You may not have that amount in your business account for a start. Even if you do have that amount of money in your business account, it may be required to provide for your day to day cash reserves, in order to run a successful business and using these funds to finance your cryotherapy chamber could leave you a bit tight financially, with no margin for error if unexpected costs or problems arise. Which let’s face it, they often do!

That being said, we have had very wealthy people in the past who do have the funds to purchase their cryotherapy chamber outright, while also having enough funds for day to operations, yet have still opted for the finance option. Which means this is a very personal decision for you.

If you would like help to go over the pros and cons for you personally, then we are always very happy to help you in this and any other cryo chamber related matters.

UK Finance Providers of Cryotherapy Chambers


If you would like to discuss the best UK finance providers for your new cryo chamber, then please download your free copy of our cryotherapy buyers guide below.

Then once you have read this, we can get a call booked in with you to discuss who the best cryotherapy chamber finance provider is for your needs?

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