What’s The Difference Between Hard Shell & Tent Ozone Sauna?

What’s The Difference Between Hard Shell & Tent Ozone Sauna?

It’s like comparing your house to a tent in a nutshell! However we will go into a bit more detail than that here for you. Tent ozone saunas are also often called portable ozone saunas or mobile ozone saunas.


Heat Delivery

Hard Shell – The heat is automatically regulated with inbuilt heat sensors, to maintain the optimum temperature for you at around 40oC typically.

Tent Sauna – The heat will simply keep increasing as long as the machine is on. This can lead to uncomfortably high temperatures and even burning. Plus ironically, the high temperatures will destroy the ozone, the very reason you are in there!


Ozone Levels

Hard Shell – Adjustable ozone output dependant on condition wanting to treat, plus the ability to gradually build up ozone tolerance when starting out with ozone therapy.

Tent Sauna – You cannot control the ozone level or output. One size fits all.


Oxygen Source

Hard Shell – A medical oxygen concentrator is used.

Tent Sauna – A very small ozone concentrator is used that produces low levels of ozone.



Hard Shell – Adjustable seats are installed that allow the maximum comfort for a range of individuals. Plus the backrest and arm rests allows for a much more comfortable experience all while making it easier for those less able or elderly to get in and out a lot easier.

Tent Sauna – One size fits all. The seats provides cannot be adjusted for difference size people and are typically quite small without a backrest in order fit inside the portable ozone sauna.


Lifespan & Durability

Hard Shell – Due to the higher quality materials used such as stainless steel, fibre glass and glass in the construction, they will last for decades if properly maintained and cleaned.

Tent Sauna – Typical a portable ozone sauna will have a lifespan of around 6-12 months. This is due to the tents being designed for steam saunas and not ozone, which means after about 6 months the ozone will start to break down the materials.


Far Infrared

Hard Shell – Far infrared increases the effectiveness of ozone therapy plus proving many other standalone benefits as well.

Tent Sauna – Far infrared cannot be installed in portable ozone sauna.


Why Buy a Portable Ozone Sauna?

All being said above, the comparison is not fair due to the huge difference in materials used, the price and the purpose. Quite simply a portable ozone sauna makes a great travel companion. If you travel a lot and don’t have access to a normal ozone sauna, then these are for you!

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