Dermaroller Versus Dermapen in Bristol & Cardiff

Before we start to look at the facts, there is a reason why the Skin Repair Clinics in Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham & Swansea stopped using Dermaroller and started using Dermapen back in January 2012! If you already haven’t guessed it? Well its because we wanted to offer, you our customer the best results for treating stretch marks, reducing wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

To do this we needed to be at the forefront of Skin Repair at all of our clinics whether in Cardiff, Bristol, Cheltenham and Swansea and there was only one way to get ahead of our competition and that was to continually research the market for new technologies to be able to offer these as soon as our extensive research proved that Dermapen was the best for our customers.

At a Cosmetic Surgery Conference at the Celtic Manor in 2011 we watched a presentation from a leading dermatologist about Dermapen and knew from that moment not only was Dermaroller now very dated but this was the technology to offer our customers to help them remove stretch marks and scars not just quicker but more effectively as well, with the same applying for our great anti-ageing treatments – making you look younger, quicker! So let’s look at the facts:

• As mentioned earlier this is exactly the same principle as Dermaroller just a more up-to-date, specialised and technologically advanced medical device! So more controlled trauma to the skin to encourage not just better results for you but quicker results.

• Dermapen excels over the Roller because of the flexibility you have in changing the speeds and depths during the treatment. No need for a fixed “one size fits all” needle depth. This allows us to go deeper in certain areas, where we were limited to before, to increase the level of effectiveness in improving your skin.

• Due to the perpendicular action of the Dermapen as opposed to the diagonal piercing of the skin with the roller, there is minimal epidermal damage with the Dermpen device, as the roller causes more damage via flick and tear actions. This means your downtime is significantly reduced compared to the roller and less risk of infection because of this.

• Finally with such a small needle head, we are able to treat areas for you such as crows feet and above the top lip that the dermaroller could never dream of doing due to its large and cumbersome size. Allowing us to treat more of the issues you want us to correct for you.

So quite simply Dermapen wins hands down! This is why once we knew about the Dermapen, we stopped offering Dermaroller over night as there was just no point anymore! Some people still ask for it and we of course go through their options but once the facts are explained no-one in the last 2 years has opted for the Dermaroller.

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