The Best Way to Deal With Difficult Customers?

The Best Way to Deal With Difficult Customers?

I know we’ve been brainwashed by the old saying “The customer is always right” but is this in fact true?

Another version of the classic is , “The customer is always right even when wrong!”

I do understand the basis of this well used saying however we are dealing with humans here and there are a small percentage of the population who are just very difficult and awkward people to deal with. Awkward customers are just part of business, you will never stop it from happening but the key here is reducing the impact it has on you!

Ever met someone on the street and just felt something is not right about them and they are just really awkward, well these same odd balls can also be potential customers!

With the growing world of online reviews, the threat of clients leaving negative feedback on social media and trying to damage your reputation is always something to think about however its certainly should never be a reason to offer and behave contrary to fair and best practice.

If you have lots of happy and delighted clients then this will be conveyed by their reviews and people expect to see the odd bad review and if anything helps make your good reviews more credible!

The majority of your clients want to enjoy their salon/clinic experience, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to resolve issues that come along as quickly and efficiently as possible. If things are left to stew this is when bigger problems can arise, and we get mountains out of mole hills!

Do you have any clients who are never on time? The next time they are more than 15 minutes late, tell them you’re sorry but they will have to rebook, explaining that fitting them in would cause your other appointments to run late and that you have a responsibility to all your clients. This way, you deal with the issue constructively and there’s a good chance the client will arrive on the dot next time.

Next is do you have any unhappy clients? Its always best to address the situation head on. Ask the client why they’re upset? Then resolve the issue before they leave your clinic/salon, booking them in for another appointment free of charge or fixing the problem. This way, the client will be less likely to comment negatively about your business on social media and feel like you have listened to them and value their custom.

The most important thing in any of these situations is to ALWAYS remain calm! It may also help to move the customer away from other clients so it causes less of a scene in the clinic/salon.
If the complaint involves a member of staff, speak to them separately because there are always two points of view.

However, also remember ultimately it’s upto you who you choose to have as clients! If you simply just don’t like somebody then don’t have them in your life! If you think the client is taking advantage and feel the complaint isn’t valid, then don’t book them back in! Its your business and don’t let anybody bully you into doing this that go against your beliefs…

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