Customers you Don’t Want?

Customers you Don’t Want?

Customers you Don’t Want?

Yes, you read that right! People who want to give you their money, but you don’t want to take their money, not now, nor ever!

But how is this possible, I am in business to get as many clients as possible! No, you’re in business to get as many of the “right” clients as possible! It’s this key difference, that’s well, key!

Your probably now thinking well who wouldn’t I want as a customer?

If you haven’t already thought about it, well I can certainly help you here:

1. People who moan from first initial contact with you, flag up immediate alarm bells!

2. People who are always focused on cost, the only way you can make these be happy (and happy for only a short period of time as once they find it cheaper elsewhere, you will be public enemy number 1!) is by being the cheapest!

3. Rude people, do you want to deal with rude people, I know we don’t and we won’t! If we get a whiff of someone who is rude from an early stage or with no justification then its “Thanks, but no thanks!”

4. Body dysmorphia, though I appreciate this a medical problem, you don’t want this being your problem as no matter what you do or how amazing the results you achieve are, they will never be happy. You’d be better putting them in the direction of a good psychiatrist than an Aesthetician!

5. Time vampires! We’ve all had them, those clients that just zap your time! I believe there is a balance between being nice and helpful and allowing a client to suck hours of your time away. They appear nice at first but all they lust for is not your blood but your time!

I’m sure there are other types out there but the above I have found to be the most devastating and not just on your profit but more importantly on your personal sanity!

You have been warned!

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