The Longevity Benefits of Cryotherapy

What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy for Longevity?

Cryotherapy provides many and varied benefits, which is why such a diverse range of people swear by cryotherapy as their treatment of choice for a great life. Below are the main ones that come up, time and time again.

Faster Recovery
The main reason for this is the huge reduction in inflammation (the body’s natural healing process) after having cryotherapy.

Plus, the release into the blood stream of oxygen and hormones. It also helps flush out harmful toxins from within the body. All in all, this allows you to return to training quicker and in turn train harder to become even faster and stronger.

Faster Healing After an Injury
For the same reasons as above, you can heal much faster from an actual injury as well as just intensive training. It can also help to reduce the pain associated with an injury. Boxing, MMA and UFC professionals are all extensive users of cryotherapy and are very vocal about its benefits and advantages it’s given them.

Other sports that may cause one to suffer from things such as repetitive strain injuries, such as tennis and golf, are also fast beginning to realise its benefits and the competitive advantage it gives them over their rivals. It’s not just sports stars that benefit from injury recovery, anyone can!

You will also experience less muscle spasms, fast and effective removal of excess heat from the point of injury, lymphatic drainage is drastically improved and finally for the same reasons as to why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very effective, you are increasing the blood flow of oxygen rich blood cells again speeding up the recovery time.

Increased Immunity
Cryotherapy is fantastic for stimulating the body’s immune system, via the improved production of hormones triggered by exposure to cold temperatures. This in turn increases your body’s immunity to day to day infections and colds.

Enhanced Hormone Production

Though mentioned above the improvements in the body’s production of hormones justifies its own section as it will increase testosterone production while reducing your stress hormones, a win, win! It doesn’t stop there, as endorphin levels are also improved, which all help to reduce antioxidant stress within the body.

Sleep Recovery Insomnia
It helps to relax you while simultaneously reducing anxiety, which all lead to a better night’s sleep. Also, it can make you tired, so this again helps you to sleep a lot easier and the quality of sleep is also improved.

Slowing Down The Aging Process
We cover anti-ageing from a looking younger perspective in another article, but from an anti-ageing perspective of you feeling younger and living longer. Cryotherapy does this by increasing your hormone production (these drop significantly as we age) which are key to a longer and better quality of life, combined with reducing your oxidative stress and not forgetting flushing out toxins within the body.

Plus, by feeling more relaxed, less depressed and ultimately less stressed, all keys to creating illnesses within the body are reduced, in turn, allows you to live better for longer.

According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. Do we need to say any more!

Pain Relief & Disease
For those suffering with chronic pain, cryotherapy can literally be a life line. The improvements have been shown to offer help to those suffering with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia plus many more debilitating conditions.

Though not a cure, it significantly helps with the pain associated with these conditions and helps improve the effects of these diseases. In Short, it reduces both pain and symptoms.

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