Can You Have a Cryotherapy Chamber on Your Superyacht? (C-18)

Can You Have a Cryotherapy Chamber on Your Superyacht? (C-18)

Superyacht Cryo Chambers


You certainly can!

However, until recently this was very difficult due to the fact that liquid nitrogen is not able to be used on board due to safety reasons. Think large quantities of a very dangerous liquid being swayed from side to side in large waves!

With the advancement of electric cryotherapy chambers, this new dream is now possible.

Over the years we have had numerous enquiries from family offices asking for our whole body cryotherapy cryosauna’s that use liquid nitrogen. Sadly, we had to turn them all down due to safety reasons.

The Future – Cryo Chambers on the Oceans Waves


With the first yacht in the world, though the more fitting description being superyacht, the Flying Fox has set new world standards and expectations among those with net worth’s £100m plus.

Any health conscious billionaire will now certainly think twice before being left behind by not having the very latest and best on board spa facilities, such as an electric cryo chamber. Especially when spending £320m/$400m, the world’s best cryo chamber at just £100,000/$120,000, seems like a drop in the ocean, which it is, quite literally!

The Flying Fox superyacht comes in at a breath taking 136 meters/446 foot, built by the legendary German shipyard Lurssen, who have been building great vessels for almost 150 years.

Though a lover of yachts since a young age, due to my father’s love of sailing, where this magnificent superyacht piques my interest, is the 400 sq. meter/4,300 sq ft onboard spa, set out over two floors. To put this in perspective, this is not just the size of a large family home, but two large family homes!

Spa highlights include:

  • Outdoor pool that’s 12 meter/39 foot, with adjustable floor height.
  • Cryotherapy chamber (of course my favourite!).
  • Spa pool, where the water can be changed from ice cold to steaming hot in minutes.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber that can accommodate three people.
  • Numerous treatments such as facials and massages.

Technically the HBOT chamber, is not part of the spa but in fact part of the onboard diving centre for emergencies, however the longevity and wellness benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are incredible and doubles up as a great addition to any onboard spa.

Superyacht Cryo Chamber Installation


If you are a shipyard, nautical interior designer or yacht broker looking to for the worlds very best in cryotherapy for your client’s needs, then we can offer you an unparalleled level of service, five year warranty, almost unlimited custom finishes both inside and out, while knowing that you have the world’s best cryo chamber onboard.

We can accommodate your needs worldwide, whether in Monaco, which is very straight forward as our cryo chambers are actually made in France and Italy, to pastures further afield such as Miami or the Caribbean.

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