How a Cryotherapy Chamber Benefits Your Hotel & Day Spa? (C-17)

How a Cryotherapy Chamber Benefits Your Hotel & Day Spa? (C-17)

Why All Good Hotel Spas Have a Cryotherapy Chamber…


Are you the type of spa director or hotel owner that is always ensuing that your spa is one of the best around? If so, this article was written for you.

I am going to cover in this article how a cryotherapy chamber can do the following for you and your spa:

  • 1. Attracts New Customers for You.
  • 2. Gets People Talking About You.
  • 3. Establishes You as a Market Leader.
  • 4. Raises Your Hotel and Spa Ranking.
  • 5. Makes Guests Want to Come Back Time and Time Again.

Gets People Talking About You


We all know that people love to talk about and try “new” things. Though cryotherapy is not new as an industry, its new in the eyes of the general public. This makes cryotherapy a very exciting and interesting concept for people. It’s worth noting that this is also where the word “news” comes from, the reporting of something new!

Cryotherapy really will be big news for you.

Especially when you throw in -110°C temperatures, futuristic looking cabins and the bragging rights that go with telling your work colleagues and friends about all the exciting things you get up to.

This is an Instagram potofest, imagine having your spas cryotherapy chamber blasted right across the internet and social media, all for free with people actively engaging and sharing.

This is the power and newsworthy level, that this fascinating treatment brings to your spa business.

Established You as a Market Leader


When you start offering not just the latest but also the best cutting edge technology for your spa guests, you start to establish yourself not simply as your typical average type of spa, with the same old treatments as everyone else but in fact you start to elevate yourself as a market leader, the spa that everyone is talking about.

Which position in the market place do you think brings in the most guests and allows you to raise your room rates, being average or a market leader with exciting things for your guests to do and talk about?

Raises Your Hotels and Spa Ranking


With your improved facilities, the increased level of interest and talk about your spa, better positioning of your hotel and spa in the market place, its not long before you start appearing higher up on the all important top 100 spa lists.

I know I will often visit one of these listed venues, when looking for somewhere nice to stay, and if I am doing it, then chances are other are as well, plus the newspapers and other directories know people love these lists, which is why they keep producing them year in and year out.

Attracts New Customers


When people start seeing all the photos on Instagram or friends and family telling them how great they feel after a cryotherapy session, it won’t be long before future guests are actively searching for you!

People don’t like to miss out and feel left behind, so previous guests’ friends and family, soon become your future guests having heard all about their amazing stay and this incredible cryo chamber that took them down to -110°C temperatures.

In addition to this you are now appearing higher up on spa lists and directories, plus being added to new spa lists that you previously may not have qualified for.

All in all this brings with it a lot more paying customers and guests. In time this leads to an opportunity to both build long waiting lists to stay with you and also the opportunity to increase your prices.

You could even take things further and build more rooms, due to this increased demand, whether that’s adding cabins on the ground, converting old out buildings, extending outwards or even glamping in the woods or next to the lake with the increased demand you now have.

Makes Guests Want to Come Back Time and Time Again


This aspect becomes a complete game changer, as instead of people once stayed with you, now wanting to try the next new and exciting venue, guests infact want to come back time and time again as they have loved their experience so much with you.

Marketing costs are reduced as you haven’t got to spend as much on advertising. Plus listing fees to the big booking sites are now reduced as people book direct with you as they now know you and importantly you also have their contact details to market direct to them in the future, building your database.

So you now have less costs, more customers and increased prices! This makes your spa even more profitable and all from just a £30,000 to £130,000 investment…

That’s the great thing about cryotherapy chambers, even not charging guests to use the cryo chamber, the return on investment is crazy. With the effects felt in a great way right across all aspects of the hotel and spa.

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