Start Up Costs for Your New Cryotherapy Business? (C-14)

Start Up Costs for Your New Cryotherapy Business? (C-14)

How Does Cryotherapy Work Its Magic?


An important aspect of our job here, is to help ensure that you know absolutely everything (or as close to everything that is possible), so that you make the right decision as to whether a cryotherapy chamber is a right for you and right for your business. Plus, while on that note, are we also right for you.

With this in mind, I have put together an article going over the costs that you will have if this is to be a new venture from scratch, obviously if you are already in operation, you can take those that are not relevant and adapt those that are.

I have split the costs to open your own cryotherapy clinic into two categories. 1. The main initial cryotherapy capital costs that you will incur to open. 2. Then the on-going costs, day to day long term.

I have then given three standards of operational levels: 1. Budget. 2. Great value. 3. The best.

Your Initial Cryotherapy Investment


Capital Investment Budget Value Best Decoration £3,000 £5,000 £10,000 Furniture £2,000 £5,000 £10,000 Website £200 £700 £2,000 First Month Deficit £5,630 £13,520 £20,360 Total £10,830 £24,220 £42,360

Your Cryotherapy Clinics Monthly Day to Day Costs


Monthly Outgoings Budget Value Best Cryo Chamber payments £490 £680 £2,520 Rent £800 £1,500 £4,000 Rates £0 £100 £1,600 Gas/Elec/Water £400 £600 £1,000 Liquid Nitrogen £1,200 £6,000 £0 Staff (10 hours x 6 days) £2,400 £3,600 £7,200 Insurance £40 £40 £40 Marketing – Digital £100 £500 £2,000 Marketing – Leaflets £200 £500 £2,000 Total £5,630 £13,520 £20,360

The Total Cost for You Sir…


I am fully aware that I will have missed some aspects, due to people’s different desires and what’s important to them, however the above is a very good starting point while also comprehensive.

I have also assumed that you will be making finance payments for your cryotherapy chamber as opposed to an outright purchase, though of course a lot of you will buy your cryotherapy chamber outright with cash. You can therefore increase your upfront costs while reducing your monthly outgoings.

For those of you on a budget, to get your cryotherapy clinic from scratch to operational, with the first month’s expenses covered (always best to be safe than sorry), you are looking at an investment of c.£17,000/$20,000.

For those of you with a healthy budget, but also want to get the very best value out of what you do, then we are looking at an investment of c.£38,000/$45,000 for you. Again with a month’s grace.

Then for those with an unlimited budget, where only the sky is your limit, you are looking at £63,000/$75,000 as a starting point, as am sure there are some crazy stuff out there that I don’t even know exists, that you could add to you cryotherapy clinic.

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