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An Introduction To Thread Vein Removal

Even though our excellent device and training is referred to as Thread Vein Removal, its actually extremely versatile allowing you treat skin tags, cherry angiomas, age spots and benign growths, all very common and unwanted conditions that will have you very busy removing.

We use a Laser device (980NM) which removes and improves the appearance of:

  • Skin Tags
  • Spider Veins on Arms & Legs
  • Vasular Lesions eg Cherry Angiomas
  • Pigmented Lesions eg Age Spots
  • Benign Growths eg Milia

Since its 2016 launch, our Thread Vein Removal Device has grown from strength-to-strength among men and women seeking smoother, more even skin without unsightly growths or makrs. It’s very much an in-demand treatment that you could be offering to your clients.

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Thread Vein Removal Courses

Your Thread Vein Removal Training Course Will Provide You With:

  • An Intensive, Certified Training Course in Thread Vein Removal.
  • The Skin Repair & Removal Laser
  • A Detailed Training Manual.
  • Free Ongoing Support and Advice.

You Will Also Receive:

  • An Advanced 980NM Aesthetic Laser Device.
  • Your Very Own Thread Vein Removal Treatment On The Day.
  • Comprehensive Client Treatment Packs.
  • Consent Forms and Aftercare Fact Sheets.

Please note: There is a maximum of 2 delegates per course.


Why Choose The Skin Repair Clinic for Thread Vein Removal Training?

Who you train with has a huge impact on both the quality of the Thread Vein Removal device being used and the level of expertise you will acquire during your training. A lot of devices are very appear very generic that are offered in the market place, but they differ greatly in build quality.

We have tested a large range of Thread Vein Removal Devices and this has led us to offer the market leading Skin Repair & Remove Laser. With more than six years experience in providing market leading training, we’ve mastered Thread Vein Removal and can happily advise on all aspects your clients will want to know the answers to and the results that can be achieved. Plus you’re in safe hands when it comes to providing your customers with the best and most advanced treatments available.

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For more information or to book your Thread Vein Removal training course please complete the form at the top of this page. Alternatively, contact us on 0203 519 2525 to speak to one of our trained team members.


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