Ozone Sauna For Home Use & Cost

Once only the preserve of top-class athletes and celebrities having your very own, Ozone Sauna at home. However today, it’s now a lot easier than you think!

In addition to allowing you to detox and eliminate bacteria and fungi from your body, they can improve in both your physical and mental performance. Ozone sauna benefits are truly wide ranged from being able to improve your skin, to help with chronic health conditions, to help with depression and moods. Oh and not forgetting improved sleep!

Home Ozone Sauna prices start at £12,990.

Due to the huge variety of ozone saunas out there, to help answer all your questions, we have put together probably the world’s most comprehensive Buyers Guide to Ozone Saunas for you.

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What Do You Get with Your Ozone Sauna?

  • An Advanced Ozone Sauna.
  • Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator.
  • Built in Far Infrared.
  • Easy setup with “Plug & Play” capabilities.
  • Up to 24 Months Warranty.

We Will Also Provide You With:

  • Detailed Consent Forms.
  • Comprehensive Treatment Packs for Your Clients.
  • Ongoing free support and aftercare.
  • UK based parts and troubleshooting for fast delivery.

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