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So, what exactly is Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy benefits are wide ranged from being able to improves one’s appearance by tightening and giving the skin a natural glow, to help with chronic health conditions, peak performance and recovery for sports stars to help with depression and moods. Oh and not forgetting weightloss!

To buy your very own cryo chamber, prices start at £19,990 (£490 per month) for the world’s worst cryotherapy chambers, up to £130,000 for the world’s best cryo chamber, which is often called the Rolls Royce of Cryo.

Then there are a great range of cryo chambers in between, ranging from £30,000 up to £90,000.

Due to the huge variety of cryo chambers out there, to help answer all your questions, we have put together probably the world’s most comprehensive Buyers Guide to Cryotherapy for you.

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Cryotherapy Chambers

For years we have been searching for a fantastic, reliable Cryo Chamber that you didn’t need a huge palace to keep it in!

The search is now over for both you and us! The Skin Repair Group are delighted to be able to offer you The Cyro Repair Chamber that can fit in a normal sized treatment room at your Spa, Clinic or Beauty Salon.

Not only does this now open up this amazing cutting edge technology for wider use, it also means its lower priced. In fact not only is it’s the Smallest Cryo Chamber in the UK AND the Most Economical Cryo Chamber in the UK but also the lowest price!

Cryotherapy Chambers were first introduced in the late 1970s in Japan for treating Rheumatism arthritis, then being adopted worldwide by the 1980s, however its only in the last 5 to 10 years that it popularity has really taken off with leading Spa’s and clinics offering this therapy addressing anti-aging and well being from the inside out.

Cryotherapy Training Courses

Demand for Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers is now high across the UK and we expect the market to continue to grow even more over the next decade as more and more people realise the extensive health and anti-aging benefits that comes with Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC).

Offering this treatment as part of your services will not only help you to generate higher profits, but will help promote your business as up-to-date and offering all of the latest, cutting-edge treatments that are out there.

Buy Your Very Own Cryotherapy Chamber – From £1,200 per month or £75,000.

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What Do You Get with Your Cryo Chamber?

  • An Advanced Cryotherapy Chamber with upto 60 Months Warranty.
  • An intensive, certified training course, both theory and practical.
  • Full installation and turn key on electric cryo chambers.
  • Ongoing free support and aftercare.
  • Your own cryotherapy treatment, so you can get the best out of it when promoting your new business.
  • Remote access controlled troubleshooting.

We will also provide you with:

  • Choice of Electric or Liquid Nitrogen Feed.
  • Choice of Dewar or Direct Feed Liquid Nitrogen.
  • Consent Forms and Aftercare Fact Sheets.
  • Comprehensive Treatment Packs for Your Clients.
  • Branded booties, gloves and head wear.

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