Localised Cryotherapy For Injuries & Recovery

Localised Cryotherapy
For Injuries & Pain

For top performing sports clubs who want players to recover faster, whether its from intense training or injury. Or sports injury clinics/physiotherapists, who may not have the space or need a whole body cryotherapy sauna, then The CryoBLO Localised Cryotherapy device is perfect for you!

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CryoBLO is a device used for local Cryotherapy using cooled gas streams, consisting mainly of liquid nitrogen vapour.

Compact in size, it can be used in any Sports Club or Injury Clinic.
NEW BONUS: We now allow a Second person to train with you absolutely FREE of charge.

What it can do for you:

  • Provides Great Results for Localised Injuries Such as Knees, Elbows and Back.
  • Improve Your Physical Performance.
  • Provide You With Long Term Pain Relief.
  • Reduce Inflammation Within Your Body.
  • Provide You With Faster Muscle Recovery.
  • Improves Your Blood Circulation

What Do You Get With Your CryoBLO?

  • An intensive, certified training course, both theory and practical.
  • An extensive Training Guide and Manual.
  • Ongoing free support and aftercare.
  • Our advanced CryoBLO Device with a 36 month warranty.
  • Consent forms and aftercare fact sheets if you want to offer this to others.
  • We come to you and set up everything along with full training.

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