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Your Initital Localised Cryotherapy Questions?

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In some cases, direct cooling of a specific area may be more beneficial for client concerns than whole body cryotherapy. Using cooled gas streams, consisting of mainly liquid nitrogen vapour, the CryoBLO can be used on an area of skin without affecting the surrounding tissues. The treatment takes as little as 1-2 minutes and up to 15 minutes for larger areas, the effect on the area is most spectacular. The extreme cold provides stimulus that activates physiological processes within the body, it can significantly help relieve pain and repair damaged tissue.
The treatment is excellent as a supporting therapy that is used directly on an area for improving chronic pain, inflammation, itching, an array of skin conditions and sports injuries. It’s also great for general vitality and rejuvenation, giving the skin a fantastic glow, improving scar tissue, stretch marks and cellulite. Also, the use of cryotherapy after an operation is quite common as it accelerates the healing process and improves any pain without high levels of medication and the accompanying side effects!

Professional athletes recover faster and perform at higher levels when cryotherapy is applied. Particularly over a direct injury using the CryoBLO.

It’s great for looking amazing as it improves the skins tone, texture and tightens if you have a special occasion or an event to prepare for. For the body it can even help you lose weight while simultaneously good for reducing cellulite as mentioned earlier.

The practitioner will move the CryoBLO nozzle (the low-temperature air stream) in smooth scanning movements/motions, keeping the nozzle at a distance of 2-4 cm from the skin. A typical area of 10×10 cm is treated approximately for 1 – 2 minutes, at a maximum intensity level of the air stream. You will be sat down or led down and you can relax while you feel the cool air touch the surface level of your skin.
Anywhere between a few minutes and half an hour. This will vary and depend on the area being treated, the size of area, and the what we are treating, for example if it’s for pain due to Injury or a cellulite treatment on a larger area.
No, you can go straight back to work afterwards, there is no downtime following treatment.
Firstly – Cryotherapy has been safely used for over 30 years.
Secondly – We wouldn’t personally use it ourselves every week if it wasn’t! Everything that we offer we have on ourselves as we think it’s that fantastic!
The very first time we had Cryotherapy we were a touch nervous and were thinking what must it feel like to be that cold but really oddly it doesn’t feel that bad! A temperature of -120˚C seems cold, however, remember the air is extremely dry. Therefore, you do not really experience the cold as unpleasant. Due to the fact the localised cryotherapy is actually reducing pain and inflammation in a typical treatment area, its actually a very nice relaxing sensation over the skin during delivery.
Obviously, this really depends on each individual person! However, once a week is a good starting point. For sports stars they may need to come in daily to speed up recovery and enhance strength and endurance. A course of treatment can usually be arranged if you are having localised cryotherapy for body contouring and skin conditions, similarly with pain and inflammation treatment spacing can be advised upon with your practitioner.
There are no absolute contraindications to localised cryotherapy, however there are precautionary contraindicators to consider, some of these are listed below;
– Presence of arterial vasculitis or thromboembolism of vessels /obliterating endarteritis
– Any Cancers or undergoing Chemotherapy
– Raynaud’s disease and any other Circulatory Conditions
– Impaired Skin Sensation
– Under 18 years of age
– Pregnant/Breast Feeding
– General Health and Wellbeing of client to be considered including medications if any.
Localised cryotherapy specially targets a certain area, keeping the rest of the body and skin in tact protected from the cold. It is direct and you will often have a course of treatment, its used more for skin rejuvenation, tightening and speicific injury points to combat inflamation. Whole body is more intense, and much colder tdue to the nature of the treatment and the experiecne within the chamber or sauna, full body repair is enhanced rather than localised skin repair in a speicific area.
Faster Recovery…
The main reason for this is the huge reduction in inflammation (the body’s natural healing process) after having cryotherapy. All in all this allows you to return to training quicker and in turn train harder to become even faster, stronger and win more.

Faster Healing After an Injury…
For the same reasons as above, you can heal much faster from an actual injury as well as just intensive training. It can also help to reduce the pain associated with an injury.
Boxing, MMA and UFC are all extensive users of cryotherapy and vocal about its benefits and advantages it’s given them as professional fighters. Other sports that suffer from repetitive strain injuries such as tennis and golf are also fast beginning to realise its benefits and the competitive advantage it gives them over their rivals.
Its not just sports stars that benefit from injury recovery, anyone can! You will also experience less muscle spasms, fast and effective removal of excess heat from the point of injury, and finally for the same reasons as to why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very effective you are increasing the blood flow of oxygen rich blood cells again speeding up the recovery time.

Increased Immunity…
Cryotherapy is fantastic for stimulating the bodies immune system, via the improved production of hormones triggered by exposure to cold temperatures. This in turn increases your bodies immunity to day to day infections and colds.

Beauty & Skin…
One of the key components to amazing looking skin, is collagen. Cryotherapy increases your production of this wonder protein. Collagen is arguably the most important factors in great looking skin.
This helps to make your skin thicker, tighter with less wrinkles and fine lines.
The reducing of inflammation also makes your skin look brighter and more radiant

Women have reported its helped the reduction of their cellulite.

Improving Rheumatic Complaints…
Though Cryotherapy is excellent for pain relief and living with rheumatism, what it can’t do however is cure it. A course of 10 to 20 treatments in rapid succession will have a great effort on your quality of life and this can in some people last for months afterwards.

Your Business & Profit Making Questions for Localised Cryotherapy?

We’ve had people who’ve already booked in thousands of pounds of profit after booking their course, even before they’ve attended the training! This will create on average an extra £100,000 revenue per annum for your clinic doing just 2 hours per day (5 treatments), obviously for those operating a full day of around 8 hours, 5 days a week, the revenue will be around £300,000 per annum.
Costs per treatment come in at approximately £1 per client.
All we require is a small deposit in order to book your course. We accept all major credit and debit cards and BACs transfer. We can also arrange competitive finance with payments from as little as just £59 per week!
Usually, just public liability. We provide details on the day how to get insurance with our recommended insurance providers, alternatively you may be able to add it on to any existing policy you may already have depending on what treatments you are currently also offering.
The moment you walk out the door! We’ve had people training with us that have clients booked in the following day! We also find a lot of people attending the course have over 5 treatments already booked in, which means they have almost already paid for their equipment and training in just a few days!
We are generally looking at a manufacturing time of 2 weeks due to the fact that each CryoBLO is custom made for you in our European Factory.

Your Technical & Maintenance Questions for Localised Cryotherapy

This is where our CryoBLO excels over the competition, conscious that a lot of the Local Cryotherapy devices can be very large and take up a large amount of space! So, to combat this we had a compact and mobile CryoBLO made for the market that allows smaller venues to benefit from the great business opportunity of a Cryotherapy.
Would you believe, just 10 minutes!
The CryoBLO comes on wheels!
All our CryoBLO’s come with a 3 year warranty or 3,000 uses, whichever comes first.

In addition to this rather than just train you on the basics and safe use of providing the treatment, we go not one step BUT two steps further, by training you to become experts with your CryoBLO. You will have both the skills and expertise to maintain and service your CryoBLO.

What this means for you is not just very low maintenance costs and a very long lasting CryoBLO but no long waits to get your machine back up and running, ie continuously earning you money as you know what to do!

Due to the fact that we offer a 3 year warranty, the cost of parts though actually low, is irrelevant for the first 3 years
Have been making CryoBLO’s for 11 years now, and these oldest models are still working today. So an absolute minimum of over 10 years and even more you well serviced and maintained.
The exact weight varies depending on the amount of liquid nitrogen in the dewar however empty they weigh 14.5kg. Generally we would recommend two people to safely move a full dewar.
You will use 0.6 litres per 10 minute treatment.
A few factors will effect this such as age of dewar and how long since you last filled the dewar up as daily a very small amount of nitrogen will be lost.

However on average if you are doing treatments back to back you would expect to get 65 10 minute treatments out of each full dewar.

We currently have 3 suppliers that can provide you with all your liquid nitrogen needs.
For more information or to buy your very own CryoBLO then please call 0203 519 2525 or fill out the form at the top of this page.

We look forward to training you very soon!

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