High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic FAQS

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The fact that this is not just another fat freezing or fat melting device means you open this treatment up to all those clients of yours that who perhaps have been too “thin” to warrant having a fat freezing treatment. This increases your client based massively, well in fact to everyone now!
This will help you attract a new client base those, who wouldn’t typically think to come to a clinic or salon for a treatment…
Anyone who wants to build toned muscle. Which is pretty much all men and women aged 18 to 80!
Whether this is to give you your abs back, get a bum lift and or firm up your bingo wings. This will help you build muscle and burn your fat with no sweat!
A High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic workout is a non-invasive treatment of between 20-30 minutes that create a huge number of powerful muscle contractions, physically not possible through voluntary contractions.
When we are exposed to supramaximal contractions, our muscle tissue is now forced to adapt to these new extreme conditions we are being subjected to. Your body responds in a great way, creating a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in you building muscle and burning fat.
We like to provide as much choice as possible for you which is why we offer 3 packages, as we are aware that one size doesn’t fit all! If you are unsure which business package is perfect for you I would suggest speaking to us and we can advise you which package would best suit your needs and business model!
You can comfortably pay back your course costs with typically just a few clients all having the full face and neck treatment, we’ve had people already booked in a few thousand of pounds in profit after booking their course, even before they’ve even attended the training! This will create on average an extra £50,000 – £100,000 revenue per annum for your clinic. Costs per treatment come in at approximately £30 to £40 per client depending on the amount of ultrasound shots you are transmitting and on the size of area to be treated.
Just YOU!

Yes, that’s right! All our training is done 1-2-1, unlike all the other training providers who try and stuff as many people in as possible we offer a high level of service where the day is tailored to you and JUST you.
This enables us to provide you with the best level of attention and instruction. You also can feel more comfortable asking any questions you have without worrying what a large group may think.

All we require is a small deposit in order to book your course. We accept all major credit and debit cards and BACs transfer. We can also arrange competitive finance with payments from as little as just £40 per week!
Yes, we provide details on the day how to get insurance with our recommended insurance providers, alternatively you may be able to add it on to any existing policy you may already have depending on what treatments you are currently also offering.
We only run two to three training courses a week, but we will usually have a date in the not too distant future for you to attend, so just email us at training@theskinrepairclinic.co.uk. We often get asked why so few course each week, well it’s all down to quality and the exclusivity of the treatment, and as we also run a successful treatment clinic alongside the training business. We feel if we were to churn out our training courses in mass it would reduce the quality and your personal enjoyment of the course.
Not always as we get each delegate to train on the other, however if one of you is not comfortable with this then we can arrange models for you, or you are more than welcome to bring someone along.
We do believe it’s best if you experience a treatment for yourself so you know how the treatment feels when you are offering it to your own clients but again this will depend on if the treatment is suitable and safe for you, whether you actually need the treatment and will benefit from it and, of course, if you are happy to have the treatment itself.
The moment you walk out the door! We’ve had people training with us that have clients booked in the following day! We also find a lot of people attending the course have over 5 treatments already booked in, which means they have almost already paid for their equipment and training in just a few days!
This will depend on the area to be treated, however generally each treatment will 20 to 30 minutes, with a minimum of 4 sessions scheduled two to three days apart.
There is no downtime. After your procedure, you can resume your normal activities immediately, without having to follow any special post-treatment measures. We have even had clients come up to the clinic on their lunchbreak to have the treatment.
To see the great results we would expect, you will need a minimum of 4 sessions, scheduled two to three days apart.
The HIFE treatment simply feels like an intensive workout. You can even lay back and relax during your treatment.
Anyone can benefit from HIFE if they are looking to increase muscle tone and reduce fat levels.
Yes very, it’s the same as doing a super intensive work out at the gym but without the sweating!
You begin to feel results straight after your treatment. With visible improvements expected around two to four weeks after your last treatment, plus your results will continue to improve for several weeks following your treatment.

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