Cryotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together the top 27 FAQs that people have asked us, over the last 6 years of supplying cryotherapy chambers, just scroll down to read them all. We hope this really helps you with finding the very best cryotherapy chamber, for your individual needs.

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Cryotherapy - Everything You Need to Know!

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Your body is exposed to a temperature of -110°C and -130°C. The treatment takes as little as 2 to 3 minutes, however the effect on the body is most spectacular. The extreme cold provides stimulus that activates physiological processes in the body.

It’s effectively like a system reboot of your body, as the body scans itself for underperforming bodily functions and repairs itself rapidly.

The treatment is excellent as a supporting therapy for improving chronic pain, inflammation and sports injuries. Also, the use of cryotherapy after an operation is quite common, as it accelerates the healing process and improves any pain without high levels of medication and the accompanying side effects!

Professional athletes recover faster and perform at higher levels when cryotherapy is applied.

It’s great for looking amazing as it improves the skins tone, texture and tightens. For the body it can help you lose weight, while simultaneously good for reducing cellulite.

Its excellent for helping with depression, moods and why I love it, it really helps improve your sleep.

At -110˚C, the temperature at the surface of your skin after around 3 minutes, drops significantly. We are looking to achieve thermal shock, whereby the surface temperature of your skin is now between 12°C – 18°C.

This in turn activates your skin receptors (nerve endings) to start sending signals to the central nervous system, telling it that the body is in critical danger.

Your body will immediately activate a wide range of defence processes which are really good for your wellbeing.

You will increase production of serotonin, plus other endorphins such as norepinephrine, which act as natural painkillers and feel-good hormones, your blood circulation will improve plus natural anti-inflammatories will also be activated and produced by the body.

This new increased level of oxygen and nutrient rich blood will help you rid your body of toxins and any metabolism residues.

In a nutshell, the cold stimulus can be thought of as the body pressing a special button which activates a process creating a whole body readjustment and improvement.

Between 2 and 3 minutes generally.
No, you can go straight back to work afterwards.
Firstly – Cryotherapy has been safely used for over 30 years.

Secondly – We wouldn’t personally use it ourselves every week if it wasn’t!

Thirdly – Nitrogen is a non-toxic gas, it makes up 78% of the earth ‘s atmosphere. And the client inside the cryosauna is never in direct contact with liquid nitrogen.

That being said, you will need to always follow the instructions carefully for your treatment. It’s important no wet clothing and that you are completely dry for your treatment, sensitive parts of the body are covered, and no metals are on your person whether in clothing or jewellery.

Cryotherapy is a relatively risk-free treatment. Blood pressure can rise, but this is only temporary.

There are a number of health condition that exclude some people from the treatment however most people can safely have the treatment. You must wear dry protective clothing including socks, underwear and gloves.

The very first time I had by first cryotherapy session, I was a touch nervous and was thinking what it must feel like to be that cold yet oddly it didn’t feel that bad at all. I have in fact felt colder stood in ques waiting to go into night clubs in my 20s!

A temperature of -110˚C seems cold, however, remember the air in the chamber is extremely dry. Therefore, you do not really experience the cold as unpleasant. Plus, your only in there for on average 3 minutes…

Obviously, this really depends on each individual person!

However, once a week is a very good starting point. For sports stars they may need to come in daily to speed up recovery and enhance strength and endurance. While for someone who just wants to help with depression and feel better a few times a month.

The very fact that high levels of serotonin and endorphins are realised with each treatment mean yes, this is very good for those with depression, mood swings, winter blues or just want to feel better! The effect can last for a few days port treatment.

Yes, you can and very easily. Simply open the door and just walk out!

Whether you’re not feeling well or just don’t like it, that’s absolutely fine to stop ay any time you want.

If you have any of the following, then this means we can’t treat you unfortunately:

  • 1. Heart conditions or complaints?
  • 2. Pregnant or breast feeding?
  • 3. Cancer?
  • 4. Raynaud’s disease or any other cold related conditions?
  • 5. Under 10.
  • 6. Mid to high blood pressure?
  • 7. Angina?
  • 8. Cardiac arrhythmias?
  • 9. Cardiovascular diseases?
  • 10. Intermittent claudication (also called peripheral arterial disease)?
  • 11. Venous thrombosis: a blood clot in the veins?
  • 12. Acute cerebral haemorrhage or a stroke in the past?
  • 13. Epileptic seizures?
  • 14. Lung conditions in which symptoms are present?
  • 15. Bleeding disorders?
  • 16. Severe anaemia?
  • 17. Acute kidney diseases and acute disorders of the urinary tract?
  • 18. Acute myocardial infraction and rehabilitation period after the infarction?
  • 19. Hisory of strokes?
  • 20. Stage II essential hypertension?
  • 21. Stage II cardiac insufficiency?
  • 22. Cold/Fever?
  • 23. Pulmonary tuberculosis in active form?
  • 24. Malignant growths?
  • 25. Hemorrhagic diathesis?
  • 26. Hysteric neurosis?

Though Cryotherapy is excellent for pain relief and living with rheumatism, what it can’t do however is cure it.

A course of 10 to 20 treatments in rapid succession will have a great effort on your quality of life and this can in some people last for months afterwards.

Cryotherapy is most effective when as much skin as possible is exposed. Only the extremities require protection. Please don’t wear any creams, oils or perfumes for the treatment. So we recommend (we appreciate the whole socks and underwear look is not ones best!):

For men – boxers, sock and gloves.

For women – underwear or bikini (no metal in bra), socks and gloves.

Straight away!

You will feel good immediately after the treatment. You will have more energy! During the session, endorphins and serotonin are released; these substances will cause you to feel good and energised. You may also find yourself suffering less from any muscle pain you previusly had.

Obviously, the feeling post treatment varies from person to person and your physical condition. You will also notice after a few sessions your skin will feel tighter, better moods, you will sleep better, plus increased weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Whole body cryotherapy is very different from an ice bath. In whole body cryotherapy, dry cold air is used instead of cold water, causing the body‘s cold sensors in the skin’s surface to respond instead of the deeply penetrating cold of the ice bath.

In an ice bath, cold water causes the body to warm blood in its core, to then transport to dilated vessels in outer tissue, forcing the body to overexert itself in preventing the skin’s surface from freezing.

The efect being in a cold bath your body actually feels like it’s freezing, however WBC “tricks” the body into applying better healing mechanisms without the penetrating cold.

The result is a much more comfortable healing experience where the total time your body is exposed to air in the WBC session is never more than 3 minutes. Plus , one cryotherapy course (10-20 sessions) match up to 2 to 3 years of ice bathing.

Right after in a small number of cases you may feel minor pins and needles, but after few minutes you will feel happy, energetic and relaxed.

This is because you have now increased your level of endorphins (Happiness Hormones), a boost in blood circulation and an increases in your collagen production. In fact, the processes will take place in your body for up to 6 – 8 hours.

The main reason for this is the huge reduction in inflammation (the body’s natural healing process) after having cryotherapy. Plus the release into the blood stream of oxygen and hormones.

It also helps to flush out of your system, harmful toxins.

All in all, this allows you to return to training quicker and in turn train harder to become even faster, stronger and win more.

For the same reasons as above, you can heal much faster from an actual injury as well as just intensive training. It can also help to reduce the pain associated with an injury.

Boxing, MMA and UFC are all extensive users of cryotherapy and vocal about its benefits and advantages it’s given them as professional fighters. Other sports that suffer from repetitive strain injuries such as tennis and golf are also fast beginning to realise its benefits and the competitive advantage it gives them over their rivals.

It’s not just sports stars that benefit from injury recovery, anyone can! You will also experience less muscle spasms, fast and effective removal of excess heat from the point of injury, lymphatic drainages is drastically improved and finally for the same reasons as to why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very effective you are increasing the blood flow of oxygen rich blood cells again speeding up the recovery time.

Cryotherapy is fantastic for stimulating the body’s immune system, via the improved production of hormones triggered by exposure to cold temperatures. This in turn increases your bodies immunity to day to day infections and colds.

Though mentioned above the improvements in the body’s production of hormones justifies its own section as it will increase testosterone production, while reducing your stress hormones, a win, win!

It doesn’t stop there as endorphin levels are also improved, which all help to reduce antioxidant stress within the body.

It helps to relax you while simultaneously reducing anxiety, that all lead to a better night’s sleep. Also, it can make you tired, so this again helps you to sleep a lot easier and the quality of sleep is also improved.

Within the following 12 to 24 hours your body will burn on average an extra few hundred calories (varies person to person obviously the exact amount).

So just by going in a Cryo Sauna for 3 minutes you will be burning upto an extra 800 calories and we all know how long that would take to burn off exercising!

However it doesn’t stop there, as the cold also speeds up your metabolic rate so not only are you burning more calories but more efficiently.

By boosting your mitochondria and therefore brown fat.

Put quite simply it just makes you feel better!

A lot of the previous benefits overlap, as remember the body works as one interlinked system. It relaxes you, increases your production of endorphins and obviously by getting a better night’s sleep, it helps your mind and body repair which all lead to a reduction in depression and feeling happier.

We will cover anti-aging from a looking younger perspective shortly, this is from a longevity perspective of you feeling younger and living longer.

By increasing your hormone production (these drop significantly as we age) which are key to a longer and better quality of life, combined with reducing your oxidative stress and the flushing out of toxins, all provided by cryotherapy.

Plus by feeling more relaxed, less depressed and ultimately less stressed all keys to creating illnesses within the body, in turn allows you to live longer. According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide.
Do we need to say anymore!

One of the key components to amazing looking skin, is collagen. Cryotherapy increases your production of this wonder protein. Arguably, collagen is one of the most important factors in great looking skin.

This helps to make your skin thicker, tighter, with less wrinkles and fine lines.

The reducing of inflammation also makes your skin look brighter and more radiant.

Women have reported it helped the reduction of their cellulite.

For those suffering with chronic pain, cryotherapy can literally be a lifeline. The improvement it has been shown to offer those suffering with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia plus many more inflammation based conditions.

Though not a cure, it significantly helps with your pain associated with these conditions and helps improve the effects of these diseases.

So it reduces both your pain and the short term effects of symptoms for you.

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