Your Very Own Cryo Chamber for Home Use

Once only the preserve of top-class athletes and celebrities having your very own, Cryotherapy Chamber at home. However today, it’s now a lot easier than you think!

In addition to allowing you to improve your physical performance and recovery times, cryotherapy chamber benefits are wide ranged from being able to improve your skin, to help with chronic health conditions, to help with depression and moods. Oh and not forgetting improved sleep!

Home Cryotherapy Chambers prices start at £74,990 for the world’s lowest priced electric cryotherapy chamber, up to £99,000 for the world’s best cryo chamber, often called “The Rolls Royce” of Cryo.

Then there are a great range of cryo chambers below this, ranging from £30,000 up to £60,000 that use liquid nitrogen thats very hard to get hold of now in the UK sadly.

Due to the huge variety of cryo chambers out there, to help answer all your questions, we have put together probably the world’s most comprehensive Buyers Guide to Cryotherapy for you.

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Tony Robins talk about his home Cryo Chamber


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Who Has Their Very Own Cryo Chamber at Home?

It’s Ideal For You, If You Suffer From the Below:

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Numbing of pain from pinched nerves, migraines, acute injuries and chronic pain.

Though it cant cure arthritis is can help suffers with the pain and to lead more comfortable lives.

They simply don’t like such low temperatures, in turn helping to kill these off.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety or mood swings then having a home cryo chamber can really help stabilise your moods.
Dermatitis, psoriasis, acne.
The anti oxidative and anti-inflammatory are key to its success helping with these.

If Your looking to loose weight, you can burn upto 800 calories from a single 3 minute cryotherapy session.



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What Do You Get With Your Cryo Chamber?

  • An Advanced Cryotherapy Chamber with upto 60 Months Warranty.
  • An intensive, certified training course, both theory and practical.
  • Full installation and turn key on electric cryo chambers.
  • Ongoing free support and aftercare.
  • Remote access controlled troubleshooting.

We Will Also Provide You With:

  • Choice of Electric or Liquid Nitrogen Feed.
  • Branded booties, gloves and head wear.
  • An extensive cryotherapy treatment guide and user manual.
  • Options to customise colour and materials inside and out.

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