Beauty & Aesthetics Workshop Days

Every Quarter, We Run “The Profitable Clinic Workshop” in:

• London – January, April, July and October.
• Birmingham – February, May, August and November.
• Manchester – March, June, September and December.

The aim of the Workshops are to give you the answers you need to make your business as profitable as possible. We give you great ideas, answer your questions and provide the guidance to implement these secrets TODAY!

There will be plenty of free copies on the day of both The Profitable Clinic and Beauty the Basics for those of you who haven’t yet read them.

Are You Looking to Grow Your Beauty Business but Not Sure How?

Having had over 100 existing training customers of ours now ask if we could run day workshops, whereby we go into the details on what you should be doing now, to help grow your clinic or salon! We have listened to your needs and the long awaited "Profitable Clinic Workshop" has been born, developed from many of you saying, we’ve read the book and loved it but could we come and spend a day with you to learn even more!

The Beauty & Aesthetics Workshop Covers

  • Why Striking While the Irons Hot, Will Make You Rich!
  • How Multi Price Point Marketing Can Make You More?
  • How to Ensure Your Clients Actually Turn Up?

You Will Also Learn About:

  • Making Sure Your Clients Return!
  • Why Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity & CASH is KING?
  • Best Practice Treatment in Action.

Don’t Take Our Word For It!!

See How We’ve Helped Businesses Like Yours To Grow And Be Profitable

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