Converting Enquiries, First Time…Every Time!

Converting Enquiries, First Time…Every Time!

We want you to create the most finely tuned clinic possible! Now a typical situation to find yourself in following an incoming call from an enquiry is, you spend ages going through everything, from giving great examples of why this treatment would be fantastic for them, to the fact find and then to make sure they are suitable and safe to have the treatment. 

Next comes the easy part, after all that hard work that’s just been done, choosing the best date for them to come in. However, a lot of businesses will just go through everything and then say “Thanks, just let me know if there is anything else we can help you with, bye”!!!!


There are two very simple things to change that 20 minute call from wasting your time and letting that person slip away having not secured a booking, to actually taking a booking there and then before they have even had chance to think about your competitors…

First, is you need to ask for the business, which is easy however it’s not about just asking for the business, it’s how you ask for the business, so with a few simple changes in the way you phrase it, really makes a huge difference.

NEVER ask the client “when would you like to come in?” This will provide them will all sorts of dilemmas and extra stress on should I do it this day, or can mum have the children that day, to I am having a work night out this day.

Instead, you make it easy for them by giving them 3 dates. This works so well on a number of levels, it limits the amount of choice they have when making a decision i.e. making it easy for them, whilst also making it appear that whatever date they select is their choice and finally you get to pick when you want to do it. Everybody wins!

Humans like choice however when you give them too much choice, the mind struggles with such a large selection and the fear of “what if I make the wrong choice” kicks in and then you will never get a decision as people are terrified of making “the wrong choice”, so you just get a “I’ll think about it” or “I need to check with my partner” which 90% of the time (However not always!) are just polite ways of saying NO.

This is a game changer, especially when you think about all the steps you have gone through to get here and how it can easily be lost at the last hurdle…

Key Point

Never ask when. ALWAYS ask would the (date 1), (date 2) or (date 3) work best for you?